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American Girl is about more than just beautiful dolls that have all the best accessories. American Girl creates in-depth characters that provide a fun way for girls to learn about American history. Each of the BeForever™ American Girl characters are from a different time, and their stories reflect the trials and triumphs of that generation. The newest character, Melody Ellison, continues the tradition with a story set in 1964 Detroit.

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Melody American Girl Doll

My daughter’s love for all things American Girl has lead her to discover the stories of the characters and along with that, American history. With Kit Kittredge™ she learned about the Great Depression and how families had to search for work. Through the story of Maryellen Larkin™ she learned about Polio and the after-effects of World War II. And the best part is that when the stories pique her interest, she doesn’t just read about them in the book, she tells me about what she learned and asks questions—opening up a wonderful discovery of living history.

Her ongoing curiosity is exactly why I am thrilled for her to meet the newest American Girl, Melody Ellison. At 8 years old, she knows very little about the civil rights movement, and I can’t wait for the books about Melody to open up a discussion to teach her about the movement and how it changed the world.

American Girl Melody Books

Of course, in the meantime, she’s just excited to check out a beautiful new doll and all of her cool accessories. (She can’t wait for the whole line to be revealed so she can see what else is in store for Melody.)

American Girl Doll Melody

About American Girl Melody Ellison

Melody is a hopeful and positive 9-year-old girl growing up in Detroit, Michigan, during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. She loves to sing and blend her voice with others in harmony. After seeing her family members face racial discrimination and experiencing it for herself, Melody decides to add her voice to those who are speaking up about inequality. The stories show girls that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they come together to make a difference.

Accessories for Melody include several historically authentic 1960s doll outfits and historically inspired outfits for girls. Numerous accessories round out the play experience, including a recording studio that plays and records music, a Melody block party set and other items that bring her 1960s-era world to life.

American Girl Melody

Lift Your Voice With Melody

To celebrate the addition of Melody Ellison to the BeForever collection, American Girl has created several opportunities for girls to get learn about Melody and follow in her footsteps of making a difference in their communities.

  • Lift Your Voice with Melody: To celebrate the fairness and equality theme of Melody’s stories, American Girl has created a campaign that encourages fans to share their photos and videos of how they’re speaking up to make a difference. Fans can watch the Lift Your Voice with Melody video starting on August 20 and then share their own inspiring videos and photos, using #LiftYourVoice.
  • Melody Retail Events: At American Girl retail stores across the country, from August 26-28, girls will have an opportunity to listen to the soundtrack of Melody’s life—Motown—and will be immersed in her world with special block party food and décor, free crafts and receive a free Melody-inspired doll tee while supplies last. Check your specific store location for exact details and event timing.

American Girl Melody Book

For more details about Melody and her stylish accessories, check out my unboxing video:


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