American Girl Store Opens In Orlando

Just in time to make little girls dreams come true for the holidays, the American Girl Store is now open in Orlando. I was invited to attend the soft opening, and it was a magical afternoon. (I may also have opened Pandora’s box because now my girls have a wish list a mile line, but I am right there with them – American Girls are awesome.) We’ve looked through American Girl catalogues before, but seeing the dolls in person — it was impossible not to fall in love with everything. 

More than just a store, the American Girl Store is an experience. Enter into the world of American Girl for shopping, dinning and even pampering (for the dolls, of course). 

American Girl Store Bistro

The highlight of our visit was dessert at the American Girl Store Bistro. At the Bistro families can enjoy brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or dessert. Not only can girls dine on a delicious meal, their dolls are invited to join too. 

American Girl Store Bistro
If your girl leaves her doll at home, she is welcome to invite one of the loaner dolls to join her for lunch. As you can see, we had American Girl Dolls join my daughters’ Bitty Babies for dessert. Dolls are seated in high chair and served tea.

American Girl Tea Party
I was surprised how reasonably priced food is at the bistro, and dinners are given a few fun freebies too. After dinning, girls are invited to take the plastic tea cup and saucer home for their dolls! (One set per girl.) And the napkins rings are actually hair ties for girls, which they are also given to take home. My girls were thrilled! 

American Girl Store Bistro Orlando
Reservations can be made for the Bistro, and there is also a party room available for birthday parties. 

American Girl Salon

If your American Girl’s hair is looking rather worn, it is time to take her in for some pampering. At the American Girl Salon, girls can choose from a number of new hairstyles for their doll. Prices for a new doll ‘do range from $10 – 25 and additional pampering options (like a face scrub and spa robe) can be added to any hair style. 

Since my girls Bitty Babies lack hair, we didn’t try any salon services — this time. But I have a feeling that a visit to the salon will be in our future soon. Salon appointments are first come first serve.

American Girl Salon
Next to the salon is a t-shirt making station where girls can design custom t-shirts for themselves and for their dolls. Using heat transfer, shirts are created while girls watch — yet another experience offered by the American Girl Store.

Bitty Baby

For those who aren’t familiar with American Girl, Bitty Baby are the baby dolls. Until last year, the line was limited to jut a few doll choices and a few accessories. Now the line has been expanded to include 11 dolls and tons of accessories. Baby Sister is the perfect age for Bitty Baby, and if I let her she would have stayed in the Bitty Baby section all day playing with the dolls. She was particularly enamored with the bathtub and feeding sets. 

American Girl Bitty Baby

American Girl of the Year

K has had a Bitty Baby since her little sister was born, but after visiting the American Girl Store she decided it is time to move up to an American Girl Doll. We looked at and admired every doll in the store, and after much debate she has her heart set on Isabelle, the 2014 Girl of the Year. Not only does she have blonde hair like K, but she is also a dancer. K is certain that she will find an Isabelle under the tree this year. 

American Girl of the Year Isabelle
The American Girl Store is now open at the Florida Mall. Whether you are shopping or just visiting for a special afternoon with your girl and her doll, be sure to add the American Girl Store to your list of places to visit with your girl this holiday season. 

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