Wellie Wishers New American Girl Dolls Review

American Girl recently launched a brand-new line of dolls, the Wellie Wishers and my American Girl-loving daughters were thrilled to receive a couple of dolls and books to review. 

American Girl Wellie Wishers

There are five Wellie Wishers dolls from American Girl, and each is completely adorable. Named for the colorful wellies the girls wear, these friends spend their days playing in the garden stomping in mud puddles, putting on shows, and helping friendships grow.

Wellie Wishers Dolls

Wellie Wishers Kendall

My oldest daughter (8) has long hoped that the next American Girl doll would be named after her. Each time a new doll is released, she is sure this will be the one. So imagine my surprise when I discovered one of the new Wellie Wishers was in fact named after my daughter! 

Kendall Wellie Wishers

My Kendal, was as pleased as a peach to meet Kendall the Wellie Wisher. To make the doll even more perfect for her, Kendall’s description fits my daughter to a T. Kendall is the creative one, she’s always drawing and inventing. Oh, and she wears pink polka dot wellies!

Wellie Wishers Camille

For my younger daughter (4) I choose Camille because my daughter’s favorite color is green and she adores mermaids. Dressed in a blue-green outfit and described as “mellow as a mermaid,” I knew she was the doll for Sissy. 

Camille Wellie Wishers

With a head full of curls, Sissy was most excited to play with Camille’s soft, straight hair. She loves her Bitty Baby, but this is her first “big-girl doll,” so she couldn’t stop talking about brushing her hair. (Per the recommendation that came with the doll, we need to get a wire brush on our next visit to the American Girl store to keep her hair tiddy.)

Wellie Wishers Books

One of my favorite things about American Girl are the books that go along with the dolls. I have always loved that this brand encourages reading along with imaginative play and the Wellie Wishers line continues this tradition. Wellie Wishers are targeted to girls ages 5-7 to fill in the gap between Bitty Baby (ages 3+) and American Girl Dolls (ages 8+), and the books are perfect for early readers. 

Wellie Wishers Books

Although a much younger level for my advanced reader, she was perfectly happy to read the Wellie Wishers stories to her little sister. Each six-chapter book is a quick read about adventures in the garden and includes simple recipes and games at the end of the book. 

Note – Wellie Wishers books will be available in September. 

Wellie Wishers Accessories

Like all other American Girl dolls, the Wellie Wishers have their own line of accessories (and my daughters already have a wish list created). Although girls are free to mix and match, each doll has her own accessory kit that matches her personality. 

  • Kendall – Make-It-Great Play Set (art kit!)
  • Camille – Ocean Explore Set (complete with mermaid tail)
  • Emerson – Giggles and Grins Play Set
  • Willa – Nature Explorer Set
  • Ashlyn –  Tea for Two Party Set

And, of course, possibly the most important accessory — wellies for girls! What makes the wellies completely adorable is that the girls’ wellies are clear, then you buy a set of 5 socks that look like each of the dolls boots. So your girl can be any Wellie Wisher she wishes! Take one guess what Sissy wants for her birthday this fall!!! 

Wellie Wishers Socks and Wellies For Girls

Wellie Wishers outfits for girls and a playhouse are also available. 

Wellie Wisher Dolls

Wellie Wisher dolls stand 14 inches tall (compared to the 18-inch American Girl dolls) and are the perfect size for the 5-7 age group. Although I wouldn’t count out older girls, my 8 year old wants to collect them all! My daughters were quick to notice that the Wellie Wisher dolls’ eyes do not open and close like other American Girl dolls (and Bitty Baby), and the dolls also have hard plastic bodies, instead of cloth. But with those small differences in mind, they are still very much American Girl doll quality with the well-known attention to details in their faces, hair and clothing.

With a $60 price tag, they are a great starter doll for young girls.

For a limited time, save $5 when you buy a doll and accessory kit ($24) together.

Oh, and my daughters can’t wait for the Wellie Wishers new animated series this fall. Check out the trailer.


Which Wellie Wishers doll will you bring home first?

3 thoughts on “Wellie Wishers New American Girl Dolls Review”

  1. It’s nice to see a doll review with two young doll reviewers joining you. After all they are key critics!

    The Wellies are a charming set of dolls…and have a truly young girl face…

  2. I was hoping you would talk about the fact that their legs break off very easily. My granddaughter, (who is not a rough child) has had three dolls whose legs broke off. American Girl has been wonderful and replaced them all. They break when you try to make them sit.

    • That’s such a bummer. We haven’t had that problem. We have 2 Wellie Wishers across my three daughters and they both still have legs. So glad American Girl has done the right thing to replace them!


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