Scented Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornaments

What did you do over spring break? I have a love/hate relationship with spring break. On one hand, I was so excited to have my babies home. On the other, I had both babies home for nine days – nine days. Oiy! LOL. But one of our favorite things to do over any break is to make fun projects, and this spring break we made scented salt dough Easter egg ornaments

Salt Dough Easter Egg
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What’s fun about this project is that it becomes four kids activities in one — make the salt dough, play with the salt dough, make ornaments and paint them. You can stretch it out and work on this for hours or even days. Or you can be quick and do the whole thing in about 30 minutes. My kids were so happy playing, it took up a whole morning — score! 

It has been a couple of years since we last made homemade play dough, so my kids were fascinated when I made dough right before their eyes. My little kept saying, “It’s like real play dough mom!”

Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornaments

Scented Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornaments

The basic ratio for salt dough is 1 part salt, 1 part water and 2 parts flour. The portions below yield 8 average-size Easter eggs. (Remember, you can always mix up more in minutes.)

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I let my oldest take the reins mixing the salt, water and flour. Once it started to clump, I added 2 drops of Citrus Fresh to the dough. (You could use any essential oil, but Citrus Fresh reminds me of spring – plus it boosts creativity!) I gave each girl a ball of dough to play with. And play they did!

K made little snowman scenes. While Sissy just made a mess, thank heaven for my handheld Dyson. (Love that thing!)

Salt Dough Craft for Kids
The girls loved smelling the dough (over and over). I used the opportunity as a mini lesson to talk about what is a citrus fruit and then other types of fruits. So not only was our playtime more aromatic, but it was a teachable moment too. Bonus.

Scented Salt Dough
After a lot of play time, it was time to get back to business. I busted out the Easter Egg cookie cutter and we made eggs. I found it easiest to roll out the dough right on a cookie sheet and cut out my eggs. 

Next, pop the eggs in the oven for 10-15 minutes (depending on thickness).

Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornament
When cool, it was time to decorate eggs. Tip – I put just a small dollop of each color on a paper plate and laid out enough paint brushes for each color so they could share. 

After baking the salt dough easter egg ornaments I noticed they didn’t really smell any more. Because I wanted the ornaments to actually have a little scent, I added a drop to each ornament to naturally diffuse the Citrus Fresh essential oil into the air. Now they are pretty and smell great. 

Scented Salt Dough Ornaments

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