It’s A Viva La Rita Party At Bahama Breeze, And You’re Invited!

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Looking for somewhere fun to go on Friday night? Then head to Bahama Breeze where every Fright night through May 5 it’s party time for Viva La Rita! Great food, good friends, fresh margaritas, live music and prizes — the party is waiting for you!

Bahama Breeze is one of those places that always seems like there is a party is going down. With that beautiful outdoor patio, there are always people hanging out. But when the live music starts during Bahama Breeze Viva La Rita, then it be comes a real party.

Viva la Rita
I know my northern readers are still up there in some freezing cold temps (sorry), but here in Florida its 80 degrees with picture-perfect evenings — the perfect time to Viva la Rita! We joined the Viva La Rita party a few weeks ago and had a great time.

Of course, dinner started with drinks. My husband decided to go with the old standard and order a Classic Margarita.

Bahama Breeze Margarita
While I went fruity and decided to try the Frozen Bahamarita. This frozen margarita has kiwi, strawberry and mango ices. I love a sweet and sour margarita, you remember my Strawberry Lemonade Margarita, right?

Bahama Breeze Frozen Bahamarita
Here’s a fun fact about me, I a terrible creature of habit. When I discover a dish I like at a restaurant, even if it is on my very first visit, I always order that dish – always. Bahama Breeze is one of those restaurants. I went to Bahama Breeze for the first time in high school, and I have ordered the Jerk Chicken Pasta (lighter portion, no mushrooms) on every visit since. It is delicious, and I highly recommend it. 

In a strange twist, my husband copied me and also had the Jerk Chicken Pasta.


Viva la Rita

#VivaLaRita will keep the party going on Friday nights through Cinco De Mayo, so grab some friends and head to Bahama Breeze for live music, refreshing margaritas and lots of fun! 

Congrats to the winner of the previous Bahama Breeze giveaway, Pam G. 

Cheers! And #VivaLaRita!!!

Margarita Cheers
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7 thoughts on “It’s A Viva La Rita Party At Bahama Breeze, And You’re Invited!”

  1. I was your winner and my husband and I went to Bahama Breeze for the first time today. I had the Jerk Chicken Pasta and oh my goodness….I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! My husband had the half jerk chicken and he loved it too. I had a couple of issues with the restaurant on I-Drive, but nothing food or drink related. It was fantastic food and we can’t wait to go back! Thank you The Suburban Mom! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for stopping back by to let me know you had a great meal. I told you, Jerk Chicken Pasta is my go-to meal. It is the only thing I ever eat there – soooooo good!!! Congrats again!!!


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