Orange You Glad It's Summer Teacher Gifts

Orange You Glad It’s Summer Teacher Gifts

It’s not just students counting down the days until summer freedom, teachers are just as excited about the upcoming summer break. How better to celebrate teachers than with a gift to celebrate summer relaxation –Orange You Glad It’s Summer sugar scrub and bath salts.  This time of year I like to …

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Lavender Bath Salts

How To Make Lavender Bath Salts + Printable Gift Tag

My favorite reaction to homemade gifts is, “You made this?! How?!” Fellow kindred crafting spirits understand that there is nothing quite as rewarding as making a gift for someone by hand. But here’s my little secret — not all handmade gifts are hard! In fact, some handmade gifts are easy to …

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Girls Night In Party

Girls’ Night In And DIY Bath Salts

Moms deserve a night to themselves from time to time, and that’s why I like to have my moms friends over for a girls’ night in. I’d love to have everyone over monthly, but everyone is so busy we are lucky if we get together quarterly. Sometimes we get together and just hang out, but when I am feeling up to it I love create a themed night with a DIY project for our get togethers.

Essential Oils For Beauty

Must Have Essential Oils For Beauty

Warm weather has arrived here in Florida, and for many of us the cold, dry air has taken its toll. Now is the time to start pampering your skin so you are looking and feeling your best by the time it’s time to break out the tank tops and flip flops. I know learning …

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Salt Dough Easter Egg

Scented Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornaments

What did you do over spring break? I have a love/hate relationship with spring break. On one hand, I was so excited to have my babies home. On the other, I had both babies home for nine days – nine days. Oiy! LOL. But one of our favorite things to do …

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Young Living Everyday Essentials

Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit

I love to share great products and great deals, and I a new favorite to share. One you have probably heard a lot about lately. I feel like everyone is talking about essential oils these days. It’s all over Facebook, girlfriends are sharing recipes and people are loving it. But oils aren’t …

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