Dyson DC59 Cordless Vacuum Review ~ Available At Best Buy


Let me start by saying that the Dyson DC59 is the strangest looking vacuum I have ever seen. So odd.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, the Dyson DC59 is also the best handheld, cordless vacuum I have ever owned. Seriously, I am in awe of this futuristic-looking, high-powered vac that makes cleaning a breeze. 

Those folks at Dyson really know there vacuums.


  • 3 times the suction of any other cordless vacuum
  • 26 minute clean time
  • New V6 motor = 50% more power than V2 
  • 2-Tier Radial Cyclone technology brought to cordless for the first time
  • Re-engineered brush bar for hard floor and carpet cleaning
  • Only 4.65 lbs!

Dyson DC59

What makes the Dyson DC59 extra awesome?

It’s Cordless

I’ve had an older model Dyson for years, and that power-horse still works great. But for small jobs I like the ability to grab and go, so the cordless feature is very convenient. I have an “other brand” cordless vacuum, but it doesn’t suck. (Well it does, but not in the way vacuums should.) It never really has. It is convenient, but it doesn’t have the power of a Dyson so big messes meant the “big guy” comes out.

Now with the Dyson DC59, I have the convenience of my “big guy” in a nice tidy cordless package. Oh and did I mention it comes with a bracket to hang it on the wall? It’s such a space saver!

It’s Modular

I like anything modular because let’s face it, not every job is the same. The Dyson DC59 is a full-size, upright vacuum and a compact handheld vacuum all in one — depending on the attachments you use. 

One day I can vacuum the floors for a regular clean up. The next day, turn it into a handheld and buzz away small crumbs left around my daughters booster seat. All with one unit. Now that’s handy.

Dyson DC59 Handheld Cordless Vacuum

It Works Like a Dyson

Last night there was an incident and one of my glass vases went crashing to the ground — shattered glass everywhere. (And I have a toddler!) I knew my big Dyson could handle the job (it has tackled many a broken glass over the years), but I wanted to see how the Dyson DC59 performed. The answer – perfectly. Bigger chunks and tiny slivers were no match for the Dyson DC59. All traces of broken glass are gone. (Sniff, sniff so is my vase.)

It’s Purple

Yep. Craziest looking vacuum ever. But it is purple and chrome. So while it breaks the traditional paradigm as to what a vacuum should look like, I totally dig the colors. There is some sexy about transforming an ordinary household appliance with a pop of color. (What else is sexy? My husband using the DC59 to tackle the glass incident above. Just saying.)

Dyson has won me over, again, with the DC59. Because I am kind of lazy when it comes to clean up, I predict my old Dyson will start gathering dust as I turn to its newer, sleeker and cordless version for connivence and power in one. Sorry old friend. 

The Dyson DC59 is available at Best Buy.

Dyson DC59 Cordless Vacuum

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6 thoughts on “Dyson DC59 Cordless Vacuum Review ~ Available At Best Buy”

  1. This vacuum looks so weird! Haha but like you said, the color compensates. I’d read a lot of awesome reviews about this one so I think I might give it a try one day. We’re looking for a new vacuum.

  2. I was already toying with the idea of buying one of these. It would be nice to have a cordless vacuum. My 1 year old is always chasing and tugging the cords and it seriously drives me nuts!


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