Thor, Delivery Man, Disneyland And ME!

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I have been sitting on some information for a while, not because it was any big secret and not because I wasn’t over-the-moon excited, but because things have been very busy around here. For once, procrastinating paid off because last week my excitement doubled — literally. So excited to share!

This weekend I am headed out to LA for the Thor: Dark World Red Carpet Premiere. I get to interview Tom Hiddleston and then get all dolled up to walk the red carpet and be among the first to see Marvel’s newest Thor movie. 

Thor Team Loki Poster

(Pssst – the guy in the poster, that’s who I am meeting. In case you were wondering.)

Completely awesome and fantastic, right?

Just wait.

I also get to interview (read MEET) Chris Pratt and Vince Vaughn from DreamWorks Pictures’ Delivery Man. Yes, MEET Vince Vaughn.

Delivery Man Vince Vaughn Chris Pratt

(Pssst – the other guy in the picture, that’s Chris Pratt.)

Hang on…

Then – oh my gosh, oh my gosh – I am going to DISNEYLAND! Yes, I have been to Disney World more times than I can count. But this Florida girl has never stepped foot inside its West Coast counterpart. I have to admit a pang of guilt in going for the first time without my girls. Hubby and I have long talked about a family vacay to visit The Mouse, but hey, now I will be better prepared to plan a trip with the family right?

Of course, it won’t be all play at DisneyLand (hahahaha, yes it will be), we are officially there to check out the new Thor: Treasures of Asgard exhibit. Me, I am really there to see it all.


We will also be checking out Marvel’s new in-home release Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United (available 12/3) and attend a press day for Disney Toon Studio’s Planes.

Disney Planes Marvel Iron Man Hulk

It still gets better… On Thursday, I received a BIG announcement.

The red carpet premiere of Delivery Man was moved (wait for it) to Sunday night and we are invited! I get to attend not one, but two red carpet premieres in one weekend!

Of course, that set me into a minor panic mode. I had a hard enough time finding one dress, now I need a second one (plus I still need shoes for the first dress!). Luckily, my uber fashionable sister wears the same size and I now have an excuse to borrow my favorite dress of hers. 

Here’s a sneak peek at my Thor dress. (Everyone cross your fingers that the shoes I ordered are perfect.)


Let’s review. I get to meet three movie starts, attend two red carpets AND go to Disneyland! This is one happy mommy! 

Can’t wait to read about a red carpet event? Check out my previous red carpet experiences at Monsters University, Frankenweenie, Chimpanzee and The Lion King.

Somebody pinch me!

#ThorDarkWorldEvent Graphic2

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    • Joyce – I will try to remember to Tweet you, but you can follow along during the interview with the #DeliveryManEvent. That way you won’t miss anything! (The interview will be Monday at 2 pm PST.)

  1. I can’t wait to go to Disneyland again! I live in Florida, too, and go to Disney World a lot, but there is something very special about Disneyland. And I can’t wait to meet you!! We leave in 5 days!

  2. Wow, how exciting! As a Californian transplanted to the East Coast, I’ve never been to WDW but I HAVE been to Disneyland. My family is taking its first trip to WDW in December. It’ll be crowded but I know we’ll have fun. I look forward to seeing your posts from the red carpet!!


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