The Frankenweenie White Carpet Premiere Event

Nothing can quite prepare you for a walk down the red carpet for a Hollywood movie premiere (or in the case of Frankenweenie’s premiere a white-carpet premiere). Nothing. Not even previous red carpet events (I am honored to have been part of two previous events). It is chaos, anticipation, excitement and more all wrapped up in a 10-minute (if you stretch it out) walk down the carpet. Before you know it, the moment has passed. On the Frankenweenie white carpet, even Winona Ryder (Elsa Van Helsing in the movie) seemed flustered as she made her way down a line of paparazzi clamoring for her attention.

Frankenweenie Premiere Winona Ryder

Of course, there was no paparazzi calling my name and shouting for me to look into their camera lens like they begged Winona over and over. No one pleaded for me to stay for just one more picture. Instead I snapped pictures as quickly as I could manage while security rushed me through my moment. As security fussed at me for blocking traffic, I managed to thwart their attempts to keep little old me out of pictures. I even managed to sneak behind Winona right as this cameras were rolling for an event clip. In case you blink while watching the video below, here’s a screen shot of me in the video. Yep, I am pretty proud.

Too bad I forgot my cute little clutch at home, that giant bag is not meant as a fashion statement. Since I made it down the line without managing to get a full length shot of my cute outfit, bummer, the video screenshot will have to serve as proof that the dress was perfect.

Frankenweenie Winona Ryder White Carpet Premiere

Yes, it is a mad rush that is over in an instant. But for that moment, in that window of time I felt glamours and even important as I strut my stuff and pretended that someone (other than myself) cared that I was there for a reason. I was invited to this event, and I was proud. Plus, I got to wear a great dress (thanks to my sister for the loan) and heels – it was very fancy for this suburban mom.

Frankenweenie White Carpet Premiere

Also seen on the white carpet for the premiere were the movie’s stars including Martin Short who voices Mr. Frankenstein / Mr. Burgemeister / Nassor.

Frankenweenie Premeire Martin Short

The man of the hour, Tim Burton.

Frankenweenie Premiere Tim Burton

And pup stars Chloe and Papi from Beverly Hills Chihuahua. (How sweet of them to come support another Disney film about a dog.)

Frankenweenie Premiere Chloe Papi

Of course, none of these stars were more excited to be in attendance than this gal who did her best to soak it all in.

Frankenweenie White Carpet Premiere Event

After the movie (check out my movie review) the glamour continued with an invitation to the exclusive after party. Where I saw even more stars including Elvira, Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds), Martin Landau and more fabulous stars. I even got my picture with Tom Kenny (whom I interviewed earlier this summer) and voices townfolk in the film, but is best known as Sponge Bob. I missed having my picture taken with Tim Burton, who was understandably busy – maybe next time!


Frankenweenie will arrive in theaters October 5, 2012.

Disclosure – I was invited to attend this premiere as part of a blogger weekend. All air fair and lodging was provided, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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