The Biggest Tailgate Party In Hollywood – The Monsters University Premiere

When Disney throws a tailgate party, it’s much more than your typical college bash (with burgers and beer). And yet, it has many of the same characteristics (burgers and beer). More than anything else it is fun, it is exciting and it is sure to be a monster of a good time. And oh boy was I happy and honored to have been invited to attend The Monsters University Premiere Tailgate Party by Disney.

All decked out in my Monsters University colors (blue and white) I was ready for a party. This southern gal who grew up tailgates in the SEC loves a good, old-fashion pep rally, and what could be better than one sprinkled with Pixie Dust (not much!).

Monsters University Blue Carpet Premiere

In true spirited fashion, the blue-carpet event that shut down Hollywood Blvd in front of the El Capitan was adorned in a sea of blue and white. It was truly remarkable to see the overwhelming combinations of blue and white attire make their way into the event.

Rather than a traditional after party, the premiere hosted the star-studded event prior to the movie’s kick off. And beneath the blazing sun (and harsh afternoon shadows) we made our way down the gauntlet that was the blue carpet. Every guest was offered a piece of MU memorabilia, and I choose a pennant to fly high in the playroom upon my return home.

Monsters University Tailgate Party

Snapping as many pictures as I could as we were rushed down the walkway (didn’t security know how awesomely important we were?!?), I tried my best to take deep breaths and soak in the moment to remember how special, how excited and how proud I felt to be in this place surrounded by people I have read about online and seen in the movies.

After passing the gates of MU (around, not through since we were not considered celebrities!) things became more relaxed as we found ourselves in the party – allowed to mingle, eat and snap pictures until our hearts were content.

And what a party it was!

Monsters University Premiere Tailgate

Flanking each side of the party area were booths filled with monster-themed munchies and crafts/activities for the kiddos (I so wished I could have enjoyed the evening with my girls). It was all very exciting and impressive. But I was there for something bigger. Something more unique. I wanted to see some celebs! (Ekkk you caught me, I am just your average mom who gets excited about seeing her favorite stars in person!)

Disney Pixar Monsters University Premiere

My fellow bloggers and I meandered through the party sampling treats, and generally taking part in the merriment. But all the while we had our eyes peeled for that right-place-right-time moment when we could spot and possible snap a picture of a superstar.

My moment came early. We spotted Gavin Rossdale signing autographs and making nice with fans on the outside of the barricade. Waiting for him to return to the party area, I saw someone request a picture. So in an instant, I went for it.

“Will you take a picture with me,” I asked.

“Sure love. Hey babe (to his lovely wifey Gwen Stefani standing near by), hold this,” Gavin replied. (Yes, we are on a first-name basis now.)

I whipped out the camera phone, and took the best seflie ever.

Gavin Rossdale Monsters University Premiere

Squeee and OMG all in one moment.

I calmly and politely thanked him, and he returned to his family (while I snapped photos from a far). I love this moment of Gwen being a typical mom, taking pics of her kids making Monsters crafts with her phone. Love it! 

Gwen Stefani Monsters University Premiere

The rest of the evening, I was on a high!

During the party, I chatted with Ming-Na Wen (Dr. Jing-Mei “Deb” Chen from ER) and her children (never did get a photo though – it just wasn’t the right moment), and saw tons of stars like Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing from Two Broke Girls), Melissa Joan Hart, tons of Disney Channel starlets and Billy Crystal from afar. It was a monsterous party for sure!

Monsters University Billy Crystal

Everyone, everywhere was all a twitter about the movie premiering in just moments. And as the minutes on the clock ticked away, the party came to an end and it was time to head inside to the impressive El Capitan to see the world premiere of Monsters University.

It was a night I won’t forget filled with stories I will continue to tell to anyone who will listen for a long time to come.

Monsters University roars into theaters June 21, 2013.

Monsters University Premiere Mike Wazowski

Monsters University PNK Tattoo

Monsters University Spirit

Monsters University Premiere Marching Band

Monsters University El Capitan

Thank you Disney for the amazing night, and thank you Gwen for loaning me your husband for a quick snap shot. (You looked uber chic, BTW.)

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  1. I LOVED hanging with you on the blue carpet and getting to know you a little better this trip. You’re a blast and your Gavin photo totally rocks. You looked great, too! Go MU.

  2. That is so awesome! I am so envious that you met Gavin and Gwen. Pretty cool that she was taking pics of her kids making crafts too.

    • That was my only shot at courage. After that I was a chicken. It was like I got my “yes,” don’t risk any “nos.” 🙂


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