Delivery Man Movie Poster Vince Vaughn

Delivery Man Is Funny And Heartwarming ~ Review

I am a total sap when it comes to movies, and I LOVE a movie with a happy ending. If you are you looking for a heartwarming movie to see with your loved ones this holiday season, Delivery Man is the one.  A departure from his typical slapstick role, Vince …

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Vince Vaughn Delivery Man

5 More Reasons To Like Vince Vaughn #DeliveryManEvent

When I returned home from LA, the topic my friends most wanted to hear about was meeting Vince Vaughn. Everyone was so excited to hear what he was like in person.  “Was he funny?” Yes. “Is he tall?” Very. (6’5″) “Was he nice?” Yes, and gracious too. “Did you get …

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Chris Pratt Cobie Smulders Vince Vaughn Delivery Man Premiere

Delivery Man Red Carpet Premiere #DeliveryManEvent

I am still reeling from the amazing and whirlwind of a weekend I had. (Also trying to stay awake after a red-eye!) It was such a jam-packed weekend of awesomeness that when friends started asking me about it last night, I was nearly at a loss for words to describe …

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Thor Team Loki Poster

Thor, Delivery Man, Disneyland And ME!

I have been sitting on some information for a while, not because it was any big secret and not because I wasn’t over-the-moon excited, but because things have been very busy around here. For once, procrastinating paid off because last week my excitement doubled — literally. So excited to share! …

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