Home Organization Hacks – DIY Spice Labels

Easy home organization hacks – DIY spice labels and matching spice jars. Transform an unorganized and overflowing spice rack with matching spice jars and DIY spice labels made with Cricut. The free Cricut template includes 30 common spices, plus details about how to customize your own labels.

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Home Organization Hacks DIY Spice Jar Labels Cricut

Home Organization Hacks

This spice rack organization is the simplest of home organization hacks because the entire transformation of this messy space is three steps – remove clutter, purchase uniform jars add cute spice jar labels. And what a difference it makes!

For a bonus home organization hack, take advantage of wasted space with an over-the-door organizer. It is a great way to keep spices easy to reach.

Organization Hack Over The Door Spice Rack

Last year, I successfully reorganized my pantry, but when it came time for my spices I ran out of steam. A pantry makeover is exhausting! It’s taken me a year, but in follow up to my DIY Pantry Labels, I finally organized my spices.

Like any organization project, the first step was to take inventory of what I have and dump expired spices. Oh boy, there were some old spices. I also have a bad habit of forgetting to check to see if I have a spice before I get to the store so there were at least 5-6 spices I had two or more of. Whoops.

Spice Rack Organization

Glass Spice Jars

I looked at so many spice jars options for this project. I knew I wanted glass, and I specifically wanted french square jars. I love the way the square jars look all lined up. All the matching jars lined up in a row, that’s what organizational dreams are made of.

There are many options for spice jars with silver lids, but I had a harder time finding black lids. In the end, I went with this set of french square spice jars with black lids. The set is really nice. It comes with a little silicone funnel and bottle brush.

DIY Spice Jar Labels

Cricut Print And Cut DIY Spice Labels

When I began envisioning this project I planned to make the spice jar labels match the pantry labels. Then it dawned on me that while the black vinyl looks great with flour and sugar as a background, it wouldn’t show up as well on the dark spices. So I went with a different look and a different type of label.

If you haven’t use printable vinyl, these labels are a great time to start. It’s so easy to make custom stickers with printable vinyl, and it looks perfect on the spice jars. After this project, you are going to want to make custom stickers for everything.

Cricut Spice Jar Label Printable Vinyl Tutorial


* The Cricut Joy does not have print and cut capabilities, sorry.

Other Tools Needed:

I spent a great deal of time designing the labels just how I want them, and I am including my template to make it easy for you to make your own. I made spice jar labels for 30 common spices. You can use my template as is or you can use my template to personalize your own. I will walk you through the steps to use the template or change it as needed.

Cricut Spice Jar Labels

Making The Spice Jar Labels

When you download the labels (above) you will receive a PNG file that you can upload directly into Cricut Design Space. When you load it into Design Space, upload it as a “Print and Cut” file.

Next, you will need to resize the file. If using the jars I used, the black outline should be exactly one inch (the white outline is larger). Shrink the image down until the black square fit in a one-inch space on the grid.

If you want to cut all of my labels as is, you can proceed to “Make it.” (See video below.)

Cricut Spice Jar Labels Template

Customize The Spice Jar Labels

Skip to print and cut if you are making my spice jar labels as they are.

If you need different spices than those I created, you can use my template to create your own. Download my blank template HERE.

I created my labels using the font Shiplap. If you want to customize your own labels to match, you will need to purchase the font. You can purchase the single font Shiplap or you can purchase a font bundle that includes Shiplap. Currently, it is only $2.50 more to purchase the bundle that includes 8 fonts, but that is a sale price and it depends if you need the others. I purchased the bundle a while ago, and it is one of my favorites I use several of the fonts often.

If you don’t want to purchase the font, you can still use the template to make your own labels using any font you like in Cricut.

After installing the font on your computer, you need to upload the PNG template to Cricut Design Space. There are two templates, one for one-word spices another for two-word spices. Upload both templates into Design Space.

On your canvas, you can duplicate as many copies of the template as you need, and then use the text tool, selecting Shiplap font, to personalize your labels. You can comfortably fit 30 labels on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of printable vinyl. Once you set up all of your labels, select all of the layers and then “flatten” everything, before proceeding to “Make it.”

Print And Cut Spice Jar Labels

Once you proceed to “Make it,” Design Space will walk you through the steps to print the labels on your home printer and then cut them using your Cricut.

I created a video to walk you through the steps to upload the file then print and cut the tile.

I hope you enjoy this home organization hack with DIY spice jar labels using Cricut print and cut. I am off to find something else to label now.

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  1. Thanks for the walk-through its great! However, when i download the Blank Template – it comes up as a .psd file which my Cricut Explorer wont accept?

  2. These are awesome thank you! However the Blank Template is in a psd file which my Cricut doesnt seem to like? Can you do it in another format? Many many thanks!

    • Hi! Are you going through the whole process of “Print and Cut?” You have to get the print file from your Cricut – not just print the file and then cut it. When you get the print file from your Cricut you will get register marks for your Cricut to know where to cut. The file is set up with an even white border so it should cut that way. Watch the video for details on how to do this.

  3. Hi, I love you labels but am having difficulty making them. I can’t use your labels because we have some different spices. I uploaded the blanket template to design space and bought the font you used, but when I added the font to the label as “print and cut” it is trying to cut out each letter. How did you get it to just print the lettering on the print and cut?

    • Hi Danielle – Great question! I went back to the post and realized I wrote the wrong step when you use my labels. Once you have everything laid out the way you want with multiple labels on the page and all of the text you need to FLATTEN – not attach. I’m so used to attaching things, but in this case, you want to flatten it to tell Cricut that you want to print the text, lines and box and then cut the whole image. I’m sorry for my mistake in the post, I am also correcting the post. Hope your project turns out great! Jen


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