Klutz Mini Bake Shop Kids Clay Craft Kit Review

Thank you Scholastic and Klutz for sponsoring this post. Hands-on learning and a healthy dose of fun!

March is Craft Month and what better way to celebrate than with the Klutz Mini Bake Shop! This kit comes with everything kids need to make 12 mini sweet treats including a detailed instruction book. My daughters got hours of enjoyment out of this kids’ craft kit, and I plan to buy more dough so they can continue the fun. Read on for my full product review.

Klutz Mini Bake Shop Review

Klutz Mini Bake Shop Review

I admit that I fully expected my kids’ mini treats to look more like mini hot messes. My kids love working with clay and dough, but they share my lack of talent to make beautiful clay creations. We’ve had many clay kits in the past that look promising with pictures of kids making the cutest figures, only for my kids’ clay figures to look like… well, like kids made them. Don’t get me wrong, my kids still love doing them, but I wasn’t sure how well said creations would photograph for my site. Still… my kids love craft kits, so I accepted the product for review.

Boy was I surprised and pleased to be wrong!

Klutz Clay Craft Kits

What Is Included With Klutz Mini Bake Shop?

The Klutz Mini Bake Shop from Scholastic is different than every other clay kit we’ve ever owned because the fully-illustrated instruction book takes clay molding step-by-step. With actual-size pictures to compare balls of clay to make sure they are working with the right amount of clay. The book is full of tips and truly tells kids (and adults) everything they need to correctly make each treat.

Klutz Mini Bake Shop

In addition to the 48-page instruction book the kit also comes with:

  • 8 colors of air-dry clay
  • 20 bead eyes
  • 30 sequin cheeks
  • Glaze
  • Glitter
  • Mini beads
  • Clay roller
  • Double-tipped clay tool
  • 8 cake and pie forms
  • 3 cupcake papers
  • 99 punch-out decorations
  • Paper cake stand
  • Bakery box

Another thing that sets the Klutz Mini Bake Shop kid apart from other clay kits is the accessories. The little eyes and cheeks make the cutest faces and all of the paper punch-outs give the clay treats personality. My favorite piece that my daughter made is the key lime pie with the glasses.

According to the box, there are enough materials to make 12 sweet treats, but my nine-year-old was very excited to discover she had enough clay to make a lot more than 12 treats. She ran out of some colors quickly, and eventually, she ran out of eyes, but she just improvised and kept making treats until she ran out of clay.

While Klutz does not sell refill packs, you can buy air dry clay at craft stores and substitute other small beads and decorations. Once my girls use up all of the materials, we will toss the box and kept the instruction book and clay tools for future use.

Kluz Mini Bake Shop Clay Craft Kit

What Age Is Klutz Mini Bake Shop For?

The Klutz Mini Bake Shop package says ages six and up. My daughters are ages four, nine and 12. Obviously, the four-year-old needed a lot of help. Essentially, I made the pink cake for her and she added the decorations (with some help as well). But my older daughters were able to create their sweets entirely on their own.

I sat down with the girls to make the first few treats, then we all took a break for lunch. After lunch, they went back to making treats while I did other things around the house. They only called me in to admire their creations.

Kluz Kids Craft Kits

I think a six-year-old would need more assistance, especially depending on reading level. But ages eight and up should be able to make these treats all on their own.

After all of the clay finished drying, my younger daughters had a great time playing with their clay treats. So, they ended up with an open-ended pretend toy as well as a craft kit.

Where Can I Buy Klutz Mini Bake Shop?

My daughters had even more fun than I hoped with the Klutz Mini Bake Shop. So much so, I think I am going to buy the Kluz Mini Grocery Store to do over spring break. The clay kit would make an excellent gift for kids to do at home on a rainy afternoon or on a school break.

Klutz Mini Bake Shop is available all over (Walmart, Michael’s, etc.) I found the best price on Amazon.

Learn more about Scholastic and Klutz craft kits.

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