Christmas Virtual Escape Room

Can you help Santa deliver Christmas presents to children on all seven continents on Christmas Eve? Solve the puzzles and get the clues to help Santa deliver Christmas presents around the world in this Christmas Virtual Escape Room.

Christmas Virtual Escape Room

About The Christmas Virtual Escape Room

Almost as soon as I posted the popular Thanksgiving virtual escape room, I had requests coming in for a Christmas virtual escape room. Virtual escape rooms are fun because kids (and adults) can work on their own or in groups to use clues to work through a series of puzzles.

My daughter discovered the world of virtual escape rooms last spring during the lockdown and has had a lot of fun making escape rooms for others to enjoy.  It all started as a fun activity she created for her sister’s Girl Scout Troop to do, and it has become something she does for my website. So, of course, she set to work creating a Christmas Virtual Escape Room right away.

The Christmas escape room is geared toward elementary-aged children to complete but is fun for kids of all ages. It can be completed individually or as a team. It is also a great activity for students to do either via distance learning or in the classroom.

My daughter hopes you enjoy her Christmas Virtual Escape Room. She is already thinking about creating a New Year’s Eve Virtual Escape room if people are interested. (Be sure to leave her a comment on her escape room if you are interested in a New Year’s Eve escape room.)

Please take a moment to respond to the questions on the last page and be sure to hit submit. One unfortunate feature of Google Form is that it only captures responses if you click submit on the last page, and my daughter loves watching the counter go up on the number of people who have completed her challenge.

Note, to date more than 15,000 people have completed her Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room, but we think the number is higher responses are not counted unless the last page is submitted. 

Thanks for playing!

Play The Christmas Virtual Escape Room

CLICK HERE to play the Christmas Virtual Escape Room.

Don’t forget to PIN the Christmas Virtual Escape Room for later so you can play again!

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New Year’s Eve Virtual Escape Room

After you complete the Christmas Virtual Escape Room, don’t miss the newest escape room – the New Year’s Eve Virtual Escape Room next. As you solve each puzzle you will learn a fun New Year’s tradition from around the world.

Hanukkah Virtual Escape Room

Because we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah in our house to honor both sides of our family, my daughter decided to create a Hanukkah Virtual Escape Room as well. This escape room was designed to teach kids about Hanukkah, so it can be played by anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about how this holiday is celebrated.

CLICK HERE to play the Hanukkah Virtual Escape Room.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

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28 thoughts on “Christmas Virtual Escape Room”

  1. When I add all the numbers (22, 16, 11, 19, 21, 10) I get 99. It says 105 and subtract the number you found = 6. It says the answer is incorrect?

    • We don’t provide an answer key, that’s part of the mystery 😉 But most likely you are over-thinking it or not reading all of the instructions about how to answer the question. (For example one vs 1.)

  2. another person her hoping to learn how to make/design my own virtual escape room for my kids and their friends. Staying home is HARD but activities like this can make it easier. thank you so much!

  3. I love that your daughter created this and that she’s making it available for free! I’m using it with students and love that I can tell them someone close to their age created it. It uses so many great skills like problem solving, reading DETAILS, math, etc! I will be using it for 3rd-6th grades this week! Tell her great job!

    -Angie (an elementary tech lab teacher!)

  4. A Christmas virtual escape room is perfect for me right now, and I’ll start playing this game as soon as possible. I want to finish this escape room in record time so that I have something to be proud of.

  5. Super job!! My fourth graders LOVED them!! They were hoping the New Years one would be ready before school finishes. Any chance of that?

    • Hi – my daughter will have a tutorial to teach available the first part of the new year. She is nearly done, but set it aside to finish her NYE escape room.


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