Girly Pink Halloween Party Ideas – Decorations, Activities, Food And More

When your birthday is in October, you are bound to have a Halloween-themed party at some point, and this was the year for our girl. Not just any Halloween party, we celebrated her ninth birthday with a girly pink Halloween party. With Halloween party decorations in pink, orange and black the party was a smashing success from the DIY slumber party tents to the pumpkin drip painting. Hope you enjoy these pink Halloween party ideas.

Girly Pink Halloween Party

While a long guest list was out of the question in 2020, we have been letting her spend time with her BFF. So we celebrated big time with her ghoul squad – her sisters and her BFF.

Girly Pink Halloween Party Ideas

One of the best things about a Halloween birthday party is that the decorations I made and purchased can be left up all month, and most of the items will be stored away to be put out every Halloween. So the party fulfilled my desire for some new Halloween decorations for the house. I was also able to incorporate decorations we already had on hand.

DIY Pink Halloween Skull

Ghost Felt Ball Garland

I am obsessed with felt garlands right now and have been wanting to add a felt garland to my decorations, so this was the perfect excuse. It will hang in our house with our Halloween decorations for years to come.

Halloween Felt Ball Ghost Garland

I purchased the felt ghosts and balls on Etsy. While the seller had premade garlands, she didn’t have exactly what I wanted. So I purchased the materials from her and made my own. (I could have purchased the needle and twine anywhere, but I was short on time so I purchased those from her too. It was nice having everything I needed altogether.) Making the garland was as easy as stringing them with the needle and thread. I wasn’t sure how many I needed, so I over-purchased and was able to make two garlands.

  • Felted Ghosts HERE
  • Felt balls HERE
  • Twine and needle HERE
  • Felt pumpkins HERE (didn’t end up using for the party, but made a garland for later)

I plan to buy more felt balls and shapes from the same seller to make a Christmas garland.

DIY Halloween Felt Ball Garland

Halloween Wreath

I needed a new Halloween wreath for our front door, so making one for the party was the perfect excuse. I used a black wreath from Michael’s as the base as well as mini skulls (painted pink), mini pumpkins (painted orange) and mini ghosts to created the wreath. I also added little yellow gems to the eyes of the skulls. To assemble the wreath I used a combination of floral wire and hot glue.

Ghost Cups

I love the silly little ghost cups because they are quick and easy with a big impact. I used cheap white paper cups ($.99 for 8) from the party supply section at Walmart (these are only available in-store in the party supply area). Then I used my Cricut to cut 3/4 inch circles and 1-inch ovals from adhesive vinyl to create the faces. Since I always have black vinyl on hand, it took me less than five minutes to make plain cups adorable.

Pink Halloween Tablesetting Ghost Cup

Pink Halloween Slumber Party

Not just a party, this was a slumber party. To make her first slumber party extra special, I made slumber party tents and matching PJs. Both were a huge hit and made the party girl’s day.

Halloween Sleepover Tents

Slumber Party Tents

I found a bunch of places to rent sleepover tents in other states, but none around here. I also found some for sale on Etsy, but I decided to make my own so I could completely customize the tents. They are really quite easy to make. I even wrangled my husband into the project, so he drilled the wholes while I prepped the fabric.

Slumber party tent tutorial coming soon.

DIY Sleepover Tents

Ghoul Squad Shirts

I adore matching PJs as a party favor for a sleepover. After not being able to find the perfect jammies, I decided to make them for the girls. I am so glad I did because I love the way the Ghoul Squad came out! And my daughter is thrilled that she and her BFF have matching jammies to remember the party.

I paired the shirts with black knit shorts from Old Navy. The skeleton socks were from the Target dollar spot SIMILAR.

Ghoul Squad Sleepover Shirts

Ghoul Squad shirts tutorial with free cut file coming soon.

Halloween Party Activities

I planned a variety of activities for our pink Halloween slumber party, some low key and some involved a little more planning. Of course, to wind down at night the girls watched Halloween movies in their tents. In traditional slumber party fashion, they also painted their nails – in party colors pink, orange and black, of course.

I also dyed the tips of the girls’ hair hot pink, which was a HUGE hit with the girls. (Yes, I asked the other mom permission first.

Pink Halloween Sleepover Tents

Drip Pumpkins

The girls had so much fun making the drop pumpkins. So much fun, I saved an extra pumpkin to make one myself later! I purchased black and white craft pumpkins for this craft and let the girls choose which they wanted to paint.

The key to drip painting is to buy fluid paint. You can purchase an additive to turn any acrylic paint into fluid paint, but unless you plan to do a lot of fluid art, it is much easier to buy fluid paint. I bought fluid paint in our party colors, but you can purchase paint in any color.

I spread some newspaper on the grass, and let the girls do their thing. All three pumpkins turned out very different, but all are super cool. I knew pumpkin painting would be over quickly, so I also purchased a pack of 10×10 canvas for each girl to paint as well.

Halloween Drip Pumpkins

*Note, I had the girls change into junky painting shirts for this project, and it is a good thing because they were a mess. Do not try this inside or in good clothes. 

Pink Halloween Party Food

At one point, I planned to make cute Halloween pizzas for the party, but I ran out of time and energy. If you want to make Halloween pizza, my friend Dawn recently shared adorable Halloween pizza ideas that would be perfect for a girly Halloween party.

Girly Halloween Party

Pink and Black Chocolate Cupcakes

Mom brag: my oldest made the cupcakes for the party. Her first time making cupcakes solo. Again, I was short on time, so I handed her my recipe and asked her to make them. WHAT?! You guys, that is deligation.

These are the striped baking cups I ordered. They are nice and thick. Even though we baked chocolate cupcakes in them you can’t see any oil bleed through. Unfortunately, they aren’t a true black, more of a charcoal grey and white stripe. But they work really well, so I was still pleased.

Pink Chocolate Cupcakes

Here’s my recipe for the ultimate moist chocolate cupcakes:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 6 tbsp Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 3/4 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup hot water

1. Preheat oven to 300°F and place liners in a cupcake pan.

2. Whisk together the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Set aside.

3. Combine the egg, buttermilk, vegetable oil and vanilla in another medium-sized bowl.

4. Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until well combined.

5. Add the hot water to the mixture and mix until well combined. The batter will be thin.

6. Fill the cupcake liners about halfway and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out with a few moist crumbs.

7. Allow cupcakes to completely cool before frosting (we usually make them the day before).

For the frosting, I had her make a buttercream frosting, and then we added pink gel coloring. Remember a little goes a long way with gel food coloring. If you don’t have a buttercream frosting recipe, my friend Kacey has a great buttercream frosting recipe.

After piping on buttercream, I topped with orange sprinkles and black sugar sprinkles.

Girly Halloween Party Ideas

Ghost Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops are always a huge hit at our birthday parties. I’ve made all kinds of designs. This time I made ghost marshmallow pops with candy eyeballs.

I usually use lollipop sticks for my pops, but I didn’t realize I was out of them until I started making them. So I used kabob sticks this time and cut off the pointy ends.

The pink and orange sprinkles are from Michaels. They have mixed bags of sprinkles in all colors.

Ghost Marshmallow Pops

Shop My Pink Halloween Party

I loved every minute of creating this pink Halloween party. It is totally girly and fun.

*Note, I made my table runners with leftover fabric from the tents. But the ones listed above are similar and come in a three-pack.

Happy Halloween!

Pink Ghost Halloween Party

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