Hollywood Hair Extension Maker Review (Fun Gift For Kids!)

Tween gift-giving is a challenge. I am always on the hunt for something that helps my daughter feel like a big kid, while still being age-appropriate and fun. This year, one of her favorite birthday gifts was the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker. If you are looking for a tween gift, I hope my Hollywood Hair Extension Maker review helps.

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Hollywood Hair DIY Extensions Review

My daughters are no stranger to clip-on hair extensions, but DIY hair extensions that’s something new. I think we’ve clip-on hair in every color of the rainbow over the years. They love to wear them for dress up or just for fun. But we’ve never made our own – until now. Like many things, hair extensions are even more fun when you make them yourself.

Unboxing Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

Straight outta the box, the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker is a little girl’s dream. So much glam. There were so many squeals as my daughter explored everything in the box.

As the mother to a curly-haired daughter, one of the problems with clip-on hair extensions is that they are straight. So, my daughter always points out that it doesn’t look “real” in her hair bc they are straight. Sis was so excited to learn that the extensions in the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker can be curled! It was a HUGE deal for her.

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker What is Included

The Hollywood Hair Extension Maker comes with 12 ribbons, which later become hair extensions, and two markers. (You can also purchase a Delux Hollywood Hair Extension Maker, which comes with 18 extensions and some other extras.) Kids can design their own hair extensions by drawing directly on the ribbons. My daughter wanted black designs, so we also used a Sharpie marker, which worked perfectly.

Hollywood Hair DIY

After designing a hair extension, it’s time for the magic. The ribbon is placed in the machine, which pulls out the thread that weaves the extension into a ribbon, and it spits out a hair extension. I have to say it is really cool to watch.

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker Review

We had some trouble with the machine stopping or getting jammed, but we were able to unclog it and continue the process.

After the ribbon is turned into an extension, it can be worn straight or it’s time to curl it. The extension is wrapped around one of two foam rollers and spritzed with the included water bottle. The instruction booklet even demonstrates three ways to wrap the extension to achieve different types of curls. The hardest part is waiting the two hours for the curls to dry.

Hollywood Hair Curly Hair

My daughter made three extensions right away, two for her and one to give to her BFF. I have a feeling I will be buying some refill packs soon because it is just so much fun to create and customize your own hair extensions.

The Hollywood Hair Extension Maker is available at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

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    • Hi Carla – We didn’t have any trouble with the clips. But we did need more clips, so we used some clips we owned. They are the same style of metal clips, but bigger. Perhaps the bigger clips would help them stay better in your girl’s hair.


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