First Day Distance Learning Printable Sign – ALL GRADES

Today should have been the first day of school for my kids instead, it was delayed one week to give teachers more time to prepare. Next week, our kids will begin the new school year via Distance Learning. Since there is nothing normal about this year, I decided to create a very special first day of school sign with a little bit of humor — a distance learning version especially for 2020.

First Day Distance Learning Signs 2020

This year, we won’t be pressed for time rushing out the door this year to catch the bus, but you better believe there will be pictures. I’ve already told the kids they will get dressed in a nice first day of school outfit and take a picture standing at the front door holding their sign.

The plan is for our kids to be virtual for the first nine weeks. In October, we have the opportunity to revaluate and either continue via distance learning or move back into the classroom face to face. I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that the school’s will prove their commitment to keeping the kids safe and we will feel ready to go back. But if we don’t we are lucky to have options, and frankly, I would have never guessed they would be doing the digital thing again. Le sigh 2020.

If your kids are going back face to face in a brick and mortar setting, don’t miss my other first day of school signs HERE and HERE. And, of course, you are welcome to use those for virtual too.

My All About Me First Day of School printable All About Me First Day of School printable makes a fun first day of school assignment and keepsake. Make it your new annual tradition.

First Day of School All About Me Printable

However your kids will return to school this year, I hope they all have a great first day and a great school year. Whatever the year brings, good luck mom and dad! I know you will need it.


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  1. I don’t see the link for the distant learning sign. Its cute and like you did not think we would still be in quarantine.

    • Well, a link would help, wouldn’t it? LOL. Silly me. I am updating the post now. Thank you. And gosh yes, I really thought I would be sending my kids in person this week. 🙁

    • I am not sure what link is giving you an error, I just tested it (again). Within seconds of submitting my email, I got the email in my inbox. The link in the email to download the signs also seems to be working as well. Refresh your computer browser and check your email again for the signs.


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