Back To School With Emoji Lunch Box Notes And Mott’s

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These days everything is emoji this and emoji that. My girls are obsessed. My Kindergartner’s favorite thing is to borrow my phone to “text Daddy,” and what she means by that is to send him long strings of emojis. As a special treat I decided to send my girls back to school with emoji lunch box notes tucked in their lunch boxes.

Emoji Lunch Box Notes

Oh I wish I could see their faces at school when they discover the surprise. I know there will be squeals of delight from Sissy. Remember I said my Kindergartner is obsessed? She even picked out an emoji lunch box. So fitting. (Insert heart eyes emoji here.) 

First Day of School 2017

After the first day of school I asked Sissy what she liked best about Kindergarten. “Lunch and recess,” she informed me. Knowing my kid, this sounds about right. 

Mott’s knows how important lunch time is for kids. Of course, it’s not just about notes packed inside their lunch boxes. It’s important to make sure their lunch is packed with good food to fuel them through the day and yummy flavors that I know will be enjoyed down to the last drop.

In my house, one of the important lunch box supplies is Mott’s apple juice. Mott’s apple juice is the perfect flavor for back to school and it is 100% juice. I even remember Mott’s juice boxes in my lunch when I was a kid. 

Mott's Apple Juice Back to School

You might have noticed these juice boxes look a little different. Mott’s juice is now available in juice pouches with the same great juice, of course. 

So when packing Sissy’s emoji lunch box this year, Mott’s juice pouches and emoji lunch box notes will help her know Mom is thinking of her. I can’t wait to hear all about her emoji note when she gets home from school. 

Back To School Mott's Juice Pouch

Emoji Lunch Box Notes Printable

Printable lunch box notes are an easy way to share a smile with your student at lunch. I keep a stack of them (precut) in my upper cabinet, so they are ready to grab when I want to add them to a lunch box. I’ve even been known to slip one in my husband’s lunch from time to time.

Download the emoji lunch box notes here

Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

How do you make back to school lunches special?

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4 thoughts on “Back To School With Emoji Lunch Box Notes And Mott’s”

  1. Your girls have gotten so tall! I hope they have a great school year and don’t miss their baby sister too much when they are away for the day.

    Those lunch box notes are cute! I’ve used the “Lunchbox Love for Kids” before.

  2. Hi Jen, when I first saw this post, I never knew it’s all about emoji, really! Thought you just borrowed the word. It’s good your daughters are loving it (especially Sissy).


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