Back To School Printable Lunch Box Jokes

It’s time once again to return to the lunch box packing routine. In my house the routine starts with the weekly question, “What do you want in your lunch this week?” In order to meal plan for the week. This week’s request is for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, crackers and strawberry applesauce.

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Then it is off to the store to stock up on everything we need to fuel up the kids lunch box, and I found everything I needed at Save-A-Lot.


Printable Lunch Box Jokes

In order to make lunch a little more interesting, from time to time, I like to include a little note. In years’ past I have alternated between handwritten notes and my printable lunch box notes, but this year I decided to mix it up with a little humor.

I can just picture my daughter discovering the note and reading it with a giggle. And I can’t wait to hear her tell me all about how she shared the note around the lunch table. And the best part, it is the simplest of surprises.

I print out the notes, cut them apart and stash them in the cabinet, ready to grab whenever the mood strikes. All of those smiles with this easy printable.

Download the lunch box jokes here

Lunch Box Jokes

What’s in your student’s lunchbox?


Kids Lunch Box Jokes


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12 thoughts on “Back To School Printable Lunch Box Jokes”

  1. I like to pack a banana, string cheese, PB & J sandwhich or ham and cheese sandwhich, juice box, and apple sauce for our kids lunches when they want to pack. I love Save A Lot! So many options.

  2. We usually pack some lunch meat and cheese and crackers for them to make their own little cracker sandwhcies. And also a fruit and yogurt usually and a drink. My daughter also likes to pack a hard boiled egg in her lunch.

  3. Grapes, grapes and more grapes! I also usually mix in cheese, yogurt, some type of wrap or sandwich, granola bars, carrot sticks and once a week a sweet treat!


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