Earn Free Rewards For Diapers With Pampers Rewards App

Ever wonder just how many diapers a baby goes through? Experts estimate between 2,500 – 3,000 diapers in the first year. I tracked how many diapers my baby used in her first year – including a breakdown of sizes. (2,830 total in case you are wondering.) For comparison, I am also tracking baby #3, and she has already used 930 diapers in 5 months. Luckily, if you are a Pampers mom like me, you can earn cool free stuff with all of those diapers through the Pampers Rewards app.

Get Free Stuff For Every Diaper

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Free stuff for diapers you are using anyway? The best!

I’ve been earning free stuff through the Pampers Rewards program for + nine years, and I have gotten all kinds of things. When my oldest was little I saved up and earned a free scooter and a potty training seat. But my favorite prizes are the Shutterfly rewards. I love to earn free Shutterfly products to showcase and preserve memories of my kids. After all, they used the diapers.

New Pampers Rewards App

Now Pampers is making it even easier to earn Pampers Rewards with its new app. The Pampers Rewards app makes it easy to scan the reward codes directly into your account. No more piles of diaper packages waiting to be entered. (That’s not just my house, right?) Now you can enter everything with your phone.

Download the new Pampers Rewards App HERE

You don’t even have to type in that long code — just snap a picture and the code is entered for you. It’s so easy, I can do it while holding my baby (or a camera in this case). 

Pampers Rewards App

I currently have 4,556 points in my account, and I am saving up for the pink trike below. (Doesn’t it look like fun?) That is if I don’t break down and get another Shutterfly book first. 

Free Pampers Rewards Prizes

Free Pampers Rewards Points

Ready to start earning?  Just for downloading and signing into the app, you will be rewarded with 100 bonus points. And you will receive an additional 50 points when you scan your first code. How’s that for an awesome bonus? 

Download the new Pampers Rewards App HERE

Pampers Rewards 100 Free Points

Once inside the app, Pampers will keep you posted on the latest offers and discounts. That might even include bonus free points. Woot woot!

So what are you waiting for? Download the new Pampers Rewards App now, and get started saving those Pampers Rewards points even easier than before.

Who doesn’t love earning free stuff for their little Pampers baby?!

Pampers Diaper Baby

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