A Practical Father’s Day Gift + Free Printable Tag

I was asked the other day what I had planned for Father’s Day. Without hesitation, I replied, “We are going to see the mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs.”

Then the question came, “Mermaids? For Father’s Day?”

I laughed because, of course, mermaids are not a traditional Father’s Day activity. But I also think that it shows the true strength of a dad – finding joy in what makes his kids happy. Even if it is all things girls and mermaids.

This is a sponsored post.

So this year we will celebrate as a family with mermaids, and a few practical Father’s Day gifts like value packs of Dove Men+ Care from Sam’s Club. We are at that point in our lives where neither of us like to give gifts just for the sake of giving gifts. We’d rather be practical and spend the money on doing something (like seeing mermaids). But it is still nice to be thought of, so this year I am dressing up Dove Men+ Care as a Father’s Day gift.

Father's Day Gift Tag
So cute right?

It may not be the most elaborate gift in the world, but with a cute little tag it suddenly becomes a a cute and practical gift for the world’s greatest dad. (No, I mean it really — he is the world’s greatest dad!)

Download the Suds-a Great Dad gift tag.

Note – the gift tag will open in another window. Save the image to your computer and then print from your computer to print the full-size image.

Practical Father’s Day Gift – Dove Men+ Care

Dove Men + Care

Stock up (and save) on Dove Men+ Care Father’s Day at Sam’s Club including:

  • 32oz Fresh Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner
  • 3-pack of Extra Fresh Body Wash
  • 12-pack of Extra Fresh Soap Bars
  • 5-pack of Extra Fresh Deodorant

The Sam’s Club packs are available in-store and online.

So give dad the gift of being sudsy and clean, and dress it up with a paper tie. It’s a gift that is sure to get a smile.

Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Tie Gift Tag

7 thoughts on “A Practical Father’s Day Gift + Free Printable Tag”

    • It would probably work in grayscale too. Just choose “grayscale” when printing (instead of color). The green should be light enough that you can still read the text.

  1. My hubby was just talking about wanting to try a 2-in-1 and he already loves Dove! I’ll have to grab some and make a manly gift basket of goodies,lol.Love the printable! Thanks for the grayscale tip too.

  2. I feel the same about gifts – I’d rather receive something practical that I’d have to buy anyway, than something that just takes up space and gathers dust. I love the tie you made; it’s such a cute way to personalize this practical gift.

  3. This is such a cute idea! I know most Dad’s would think this was awesome. Thank-you for the easy & fun idea!


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