Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake Tutorial

One of my favorite baby gifts to give is a diaper cake. Not only are they completely practical, but they are also adorable. And, if you have never made one, you might be surprised to learn just how easy they are to make. Seriously, if you have ever changed a diaper, you can make a diaper cake. For that matter, even if you haven’t changed a diaper you can make a diaper cake because I had never changed a diaper when I made my very first diaper cake.

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Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake
I’ve lost count of how many diaper cakes I have made over the years, and each one is as unique and special as the mom-to-be I created it for.

Five years ago I made a diaper cake to celebrate the birth of my neighbor’s fourth child, and now this Minnie Mouse diaper cake will celebrate baby number five! Girly and pink for a new baby girl who will be adored by her big sister and three big brothers. I can’t wait to give it to mom in a few weeks.

Everything in this sweet Minnie Mouse diaper cake is from the Disney Baby line. Have you seen all of the adorable things they have in the Disney Baby line? It was just coming out when Sissy was little, and ohhh I could buy it all.

Minnie Mouse Disney Baby

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake

I used size three diapers to make this marvelous Minnie Mouse diaper cake. You can use any size diaper, but I like use size 2 or 3 because babies go through newborns and size 1 so quickly.



The most time-consuming part of making a diaper cake is rolling the diapers. You will need to roll approximately 65-80 diapers. Exactly how many diapers you use will depend on the size diaper you use and how tight you pack them together. I usually roll all of the diapers in three packs of diapers and just use what I need.

Diapers for Diaper Cake
Roll the diapers.

Diaper Cake Tutorial
Just keep rolling.

Diaper Cake Rolled Diapers
After you roll all of the diapers, start gathering the diapers in your large rubber bands. You will need approximately 35-40 diapers for the bottom tier, 20-25 diapers for the middle tier and 10-15 diapers for the top tier.

Make a Diaper Cake
I spot a hidden Mickey!

Hidden Mickey Diapers
Now comes the fun part, decorating the cake!

Fold the blankets to wrap around each cake tier. The Minnie Mouse blankets weren’t quite long enough to wrap all the way around the bottom tier, luckily they came in a four-pack so I overlapped two blankets. Under the edges of the blankets use loops of packing tape to secure the blankets. Tape won’t hold it long term, but it helps when you are putting it together.

Next tie a ribbon securely around the middle of the blankets. Make sure the ribbon is tied tight.

Diaper Cake Base
To attach one tier to another, I always fill the middle of my diaper cakes with something tall. I have used bottles, baby wash, etc. This time I used a Minnie Mouse sippy cup. I removed a couple of diapers from the middle and inserted the sippy cup.

Hidden Sippy in Diaper Cake
Next, I removed three diapers from the second tier and placed it on top wedging the sippy cup in the space left by the removed diapers.

After wrapping the second layer with another blanket (that just reached around this tier). I built up the second tier to fit into the top tier using diapers. With the size three diapers, the sippy cup comes up about halfway into the second tier. So I filled the hole with the three diapers I removed so that they stuck up.

Diaper Cake Tip
After removing three diapers from the top tier I was able to slide them onto the second tier. This helps keep the tiers from slipping off.  Some people use wooden dowels to achieve the same effect, but I like hidden gifts.

Wrap the last blanket around the top tier.

The three diapers from the second tier will again come up about halfway into the top tier, which creates a perfect dip to place a small Minnie Mouse.

Disney Baby Diaper Cake
I just loved this adorable Minnie Mouse teether, so I tucked it behind the ribbon around the second layer. Disney Baby has tons of additional Minnie Mouse items, so you could go crazy attaching pacifiers, teethers, nail clippers, etc. But sometimes less is more.

Pink Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake
This is what the final Minnie Mouse diaper cake looks like from the back.

Back of Diaper Cake
I can’t wait to gift this beauty to my friend.

Disney Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake
What Disney Baby items would you decorate your diaper cake with? You can find lots of Disney Baby items at Walmart including several sippy cup designs and even utensils, which would be cute to hide between the diapers.

Disney Baby at Walmart

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. You did an awesome job. I have made a couple of diaper cakes but you have o wonderful idea for a theme. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this idea we are making my granddaughter’s baby shower with baby Minnie theme I’m going to try this thank you for sharing😊😊

    • Hi Kimberly – The cake board is placed under the bottom layer of the cake so it can be moved, otherwise, you would have diapers falling out the bottom. There’s no need to attach the diapers to the cake board, just set the whole thing on top. Just be careful when moving it.

      • Hi – I used tiny elastic hair ties, and you can get them everywhere – Target, Walmart, Amazon, Sally Beauty, etc. I think I’ve even gotten some from the dollar store.


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