4K Samsung SUHD – The Next Big Thing!

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I remember when we go our first high-definition TV. My husband was super-excited as he always is when a new “toy” arrives. After he got it hooked up he called me over to show me how much better it was, and to hopefully validate his reason for spending so much money on a new TV. As he switched between a normal standard-definition channel and a high-definition version of the same channel, it was hard not agree how much better the HD version looked.

Fast forward to today, and HD has become the norm so much so that when my husband recently put on a show for our youngest that happen to be a SD channel, she asked dad, “What is wrong with the picture?” And she asked him to, “Make it bigger,” you know — get rid of those black bars.

Samsung SUHD

As tech is a fairly normal conversation with my husband, he has been talking a lot about 4K being the next “thing” with TV. For those of you who don’t have your own personal techy on-call, 4K is also referred to ultra-high-definition (UHD), and it is four times the resolution of full HD. It was hard for me to imagine how much better it could look, but after a recent visit to Best Buy to checkout the new 4K Samsung SUHD TV it was clear to see that this really is the next big thing.

Samsung SUHD TV
It’s hard to describe just how clear and life-like the picture looked on the 4K Samsung SUHD TV. The curved nano-crystal screen also gives the picture so much more depth, and the colors almost seem to pop right out of the TV. Looking at a nearby HD TV reminded me of the difference going to from SD to HD – it’s significant. I can’t imagine it will be too before my hubby is explaining to me why we need to upgrade our TV. (Sigh.)

I was also able to check out an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming Jurassic World movie, which I cannot wait to see. You can checkout the sneak peek yourself through June 13 at your local Best Buy store.

Want to learn more about 4K Samsung SUHD? Checkout the Samsung SUHD Entertainment Experience at Best Buy.

4K Samsung SUHD TV

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