4th Of July Resist Painting Kids Craft

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Everyone uses Glad Press ‘n Seal in the kitchen, right? (If not, you totally need to. It puts all other cling wraps to shame.) Have you ever used it for crafting? My girls and I discovered a whole new way to use Glad Press ‘n Seal, and it was so much fun. And we made the cutest project – 4th Of July Resist Paintings. 

4th of July Resist Painting Kids Craft
Resist painting is so much fun with little ones because they can go crazy with paint everywhere. Then when the paint dries and the resist is removed, they are amazed to see what the blank space left behind creates. Plus if you don’t already have everything you need, all of the supplies can easily be purchased at Walmart.

Who am I kidding, I was amazed to see the results. And we even discovered a bonus craft along the way as well. 


  • Glad Press ‘n Seal
  • Construction paper
  • Crayola Washable Paints
  • Sharp scissors
  • Paint brushes
  • Cookie cutters (optional)

I made the Glad Press ‘n Seal resist while the girls were playing. This part is defiantly a mommy job. Tip – use very sharp scissors. I started with an average pair of scissors, but they kept get stuck. I switched to a better pair of scissors a few stripes in and what a different. Sharp scissors are the key, trust me.

Glad Press N Seal Craft
I cut the flag stripes free hand, using the table to hold down the Glad Press ‘n Seal while I cut. I didn’t stress about straight lines, I just made strips of approximately the same width. Then I pressed the Glad Press ‘n Seal directly to the construction paper, easy peasy.

Glad Press 'N Seal Flag
But I wasn’t done. I wanted to try shapes. I used the star cookie cutters I bought for my Stain Glass Cookies to trace stars directly onto the Glad Press ‘n Seal. And I made star-shaped resists. 

Cookie Cutter Stars
Again, press the Glad Press ‘n Seal to the edge of a table to hold Glad Press ‘n Seal while you cut. 

Glad Press N Seal Stars
By now the kids were begging to paint, otherwise I probably would have gone on making resists. 

Before we got started, I covered my desk in Glad Press ‘n Seal. That’s right, my desk. I decide to really test Glad Press ‘n Seal, and I covered my antique, marble top desk with Glad Press ‘n Seal so the girls could paint in my office. 

I explained to the girls how the resist would work, emphasizing the importance of painting over the edges of the Glad Press ‘n Seal. Then I let them paint.

Glad Press And Seal Kids Craft
When both paintings were done the girls realized they had gotten paint “on my table,” and were relieved when I told them it was ok. In fact, I told them to each draw a happy smily face right on the table.

Crafting Glad Press 'N Seal
You should have seen their shocked faces. But I reassured them, and they went to town.

Glad Press 'N Seal Painting
Then I got another really good idea, and I pressed a piece of paper into the paint. More amazement. And a bonus craft too!

When we were done, my desk was covered in paint. 

Easy Clean Up With Glad Press 'N Seal
To clean up I simply rolled up the Glad Press ‘n Seal and the mess was gone. It was a genius mom day.

Glad Press 'N Seal Easy Clean Up
A few hours later when the paint had dried we removed the resist, and the final masterpieces were revealed. We can’t wait to paint with Glad Press ‘n Seal again, next time I think we will paint on a canvas for a more permeate piece of art. 

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