Samsung SUHD TV

4K Samsung SUHD – The Next Big Thing!

I remember when we go our first high-definition TV. My husband was super-excited as he always is when a new “toy” arrives. After he got it hooked up he called me over to show me how much better it was, and to hopefully validate his reason for spending so much money …

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

My New Love: The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

I get excited when I get to review a new phone because I am a total phone junkie, and I love checking out the latest and the greatest. But I was positively giddy when I received the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport from Sprint. Why? Because for the last two years my …

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My Galaxy – My Go-To Social Sharing Tool

I am obsessed with Instagram — obsessed. (BTW, do you follow me on Instagram? You totally should.) I have always been a shutterbug, never going anywhere without a camera (or two), but I used to be really bad about sharing my photos. The only one who really saw the pictures was me. …

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I’d Like To Introduce You To Galaxy

Let me introduce you to my new BFF. This is Galaxy. Ain’t she a beaut? As part of my Verizon Wireless Ambassadorship, I got my hands on this little baby the day after she was released. How cool is that? I have only been playing with her for a couple days …

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