Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft (Plus Printable Template)

As a crafter, I love it when my girls ask to make a project. I love it even more when they think of their own project (it takes the pressure off). We’ve made so many tissue paper crafts that it wasn’t surprising that K wanted to make another one. But this close to Easter I figured she would ask for a tissue paper Easter Egg, so I was surprised and delighted when she announced that she wanted to make an all new project — a tissue paper rainbow craft

Rainbow Tissue Paper Craft
Like the other tissue paper crafts, I love this project because I always have the materials lying around and everything used in the craft (except for the glue) is upcycled. Yes, I save every piece of tissue paper that comes into this house — both for reusing in gifts and for crafting. 

Because this project is so easy to make and needs very little supervision, it would be perfect for kids to make during a rainbow birthday party.

Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft


  • Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple and White Tissue Paper
  • Cardboard or pasteboard *
  • Rainbow Template (print as large)

* You can use construction paper too, but I like to save these crafts and the cardboard holds up better. The cardboard that comes in men’s dress shirts works perfect. 

Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

After downloading the template, I traced the outside of the rainbow onto the cardboard. If you are making this with a younger child, you might want to draw the lines too, but I knew K could do it without the color bands.

Next I let K do her thing. She balled up piles of colored tissue paper all over the table, and when she was ready she started gluing each color into place. 

Easy Rainbow Craft
The whole project took her 30 minutes or so to create, so this is perfect for a detail oriented child. Of course, Sissy made a version too — one that looks more like a color blob and took less than 5 minutes to create. So feel free to let your child express their rainbow however they see fit. 

Rainbow Kids Craft

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