Easy Back To School Bus Kids Craft

Before my kids go back to school in just a few short weeks, we’ve been making the most of the end of summer crafting and baking. Our newest project is a new take on a craft we have done before, this time we made a school bus out of tissue paper. This craft super simple, and my daughter loves it. She helped me make a (long) list of more designs we should make in the future — she has very lofty goals.

Back to School Bus Upcycled Craft
This project can be made using ordinary materials — even better, materials that are typically considered “trash.”

I never throw away tissue paper — ever. So I have a plastic box filled with every color of the rainbow. Yes, I even had black tissue paper on hand. So for me, every piece of this project has been upcyled. I know not everyone in the habit of saving tissue paper like I am, but perhaps this craft will inspire you! I reuse for gifts (obviously), craft projects (for example…), filler when I mail gifts and more. I even give sheets of it to the kids to make up their own projects. 

Back to School Kids Craft
Because we use a lot of glue for this project, I like to use a piece of cardboard to craft on. Paper can get a little warped from the glue, so if you use paper make sure it is thick paper. This piece of cardboard came out of a dress shirt my husband bought. Again, it was destined for the trash, but I rescued it into a fun kids project. 

You gotta to like “green” crafts when all of the materials are upcycled and free!

School Bus Craft Tissue Paper

  • Yellow, Red & Black Tissue Paper
  • Cardboard or Thick Construction Paper
  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • School Bus Template

Print the School Bus Template I created for the School Bus Countdown Craft. Cut out the parts and trace the school bus onto your cardboard with a pencil. Don’t worry about precision, the lines will be covered up.

Cut your tissue paper into approximately one-inch squares. It does not need to be exact, and older kids can help with this. Tip – I fold the tissue paper and cut strips, then I cut squares from the strips.

Crumble your squares into little balls (great for little ones to practice fine motor skills).

Tissue Paper Craft
Spread glue in a section, and fill in with tissue of the corresponding color. My daughter worked right to left filling in the windows, tires and stop sign as she went. After doing the 4th of July Flag this summer, she knew exactly what to do and she did the whole project on her own. She was very proud. We will defiantly do it again soon.

Looking for more tissue paper crafts, check out my Upcycled Flag Craft.

4th of July Upcycled Flag Craft

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