Superhero Girl Scouts Swaps

Superhero Girl Scout SWAPS Made From Pop Tabs

My daughter’s Brownie Troop will be headed to Camporee this weekend. It’s going to be an exciting weekend and one of the things they look forward to most is Girl Scout SWAPs. In keeping with the camp theme, this year we made Superhero Girl Scout SWAPS.  If you aren’t familiar …

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Rainbow Tissue Paper Craft

Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft (Plus Printable Template)

As a crafter, I love it when my girls ask to make a project. I love it even more when they think of their own project (it takes the pressure off). We’ve made so many tissue paper crafts that it wasn’t surprising that K wanted to make another one. But …

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DIY Headband Holder Tutorial

DIY Upcycled Headband Hairbow Holder Tutorial (You Can Make This!)

When a friend posted photos of this project on Facebook, I knew I had to share her creation. Here is Mel & Mac’s DIY Upcycled Headband Hairbow Holder Tutorial. (Thanks girls!) My six year old has more headbands than she needs. After her recent birthday, her collection exploded. We needed functional …

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DIY Homemade Art Smock for Kids Craft

Simple, Homemade And Upcycled Smock Project

At the request of my daughter (and my delight), we do a lot of projects. A lot. Some simple and some quite messy. And when things are going to get messy, mom insists on a smock – of sorts. Ever the “green” mom instead of purchasing a smock for art projects, I rescued …

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Kids Craft: 4th of July Rocket

DIY Kid’s Craft: Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll 4th of July Rocket

Summer has officially begun in our house, which means lots of craft time. K loves any “project” that involves glue, scissors, markers, crayons, paint and any combination there of. Since we do a lot of projects, I try whenever possible to re-purpose old items around the house into our craft. Not only is it economical, but …

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