DIY Mustache Valentines Cards For Kids

With all eyes focused on Valentine’s Day and the all-important classroom Valentines (and Valentines box), I love seeing some of the creative ideas friends come up with. When a high school pal shared her son’s DIY photo Valentines cards I immediately asked if I could share the cuteness. 

Not only is her son adorable, but these creative Valentines are simple and cheap as well as hilarious. I am certain they will be a hit with the kids in his class. 

Mustache Valentines Cards

Mustache Valentines Cards

To make the Mustache Valentines Cards start with the perfect photo. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can use PicMonkey for free to add the text to your Valentines. The text on these cards reads:

I was going to SHAVE this for later
But I MUSTACHE you to be my Valentine!

Print your cards on cardstock paper, and then use fancy scissors to cut out the cards. Finally use tacky glue to attach a stick-on mustache to the card. (You just need a dab in the middle.) Target sells 8 stick-on mustaches for $1.50 or Amazon sells 36 mustaches for $5.10

Mustache Valentines Card

Last-Minute Mustache Valentines Idea

Even if there isn’t time to get stick-on mustaches, you can still use this idea to make a cute last-minute Valentines. Instead of the stick-on mustache, add a giant digital mustache in PicMonkey (like the one in the middle of the image above). The kids will all still get a good giggle from your kiddo’s stache! 

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