Kids Valentines Cards: You’re A Gem (Printable)

It’s Valentine’s Day week! Have you decided what your kids Valentines cards will be? Don’t worry, I didn’t decide until this weekend and my youngest’s Valentines were due today! There is time, and these easy kids Valentines cards can be made in minutes — even today or Thursday night!

Printable Valentine You're A Gem

Kids Valentines Cards – You’re A Gem

I found inspiration for these kids Valentines cards at Target, where you can buy 24 eraser rings for $3. (Ring Pops or novelty rings would also work for this Valentine, and Amazon sells eraser rings too if Target is out.) As soon as I saw them, I knew they were perfect because my first grader goes through a lot of erasers these days. Plus, pink.

Of course, little sister has to do everything big sister does so I was thrilled to make them both happy with treats for their classes for less than $6! Score.

Now, I spent quite a bit of time getting the design just right, but actually assembling them took less than 10 minutes. See, quick and easy!

If you don’t have baker’s twine on hand (get some, I use it for everything), curing ribbon would be cute too.

Download the Kids Valentines Cards You’re A Gem Printable. (Click on the link, that will open another page with the image full size, right click on the image to save it to your computer and then print as many as you need.)

Printable Classroom Valentine's

Classroom Valentines Box

After we finished the kids Valentines cards, it was time to make my daughter’s Valentines Box. The day her teacher announced the kids would need to make boxes she came home with a design she created for her box.

Valentines Box Design
She was so excited about the box she designed, I had to help her make it come true. Plus she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, so I keep encouraging her to design things.

Rummaging through my supplies I found a roll of red Duck Tape, which made the process of covering a shoebox much easier.

After adding the pipe cleaners and sequins (per her design). This is the final product.

Classoom Valentines Box
Looks just like her design right?!

The best part is that she couldn’t be more proud. A Valentine’s Day success!

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