Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes Free Printable

It’s cookie season! My Daisy Girl Scouts Troop is half way through its first cookie season. It has been a fun process — everyone was very excited to dawn their uniforms and sell, sell, sell. Now it is time to deliver all those cookies, and today I am sharing the Printable Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes I created for my girls. 

UPDATED with NEW Cookies for 2017.

Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Note
I firmly believe that every aspect of cookie sales should be a life/business lesson. And I am a stickler for thank you notes in my house. So my daughter wasn’t at all surprised when I told her she would have to create a thank you note for everyone who bought cookies from her. To make it reasonable we talked about making one awesome picture and photocopying it. 

That conversation got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if our whole Troop made thank you notes? Even better, what if said notes could also help the girls organize their cookies? 

Thus the printable Girl Scout Cookies Thank You notes were born.

Girl Scout Thank You Notes

Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes

The top of the Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes is blank, then girls can draw a picture or write a note to thank their customers for buying cookies. On the bottom of the notes, girls can keep track of their clients purchase. 

I incorporated these notes as part of the “Talk It Up” Leaf badge. During the first portion of the meeting we talked about important business skills like shaking hands, introducing themselves, knowing the product, thanking customers, etc. Then during the craft portion of the meeting I handed out blank thank you notes and colored pencils. 

I let each girl design two thank you notes, and then had them pick their favorite. I took their favorites home to scan, and then emailed them to their moms with two notes per page (like the picture above, but with two of the same images). At home they could print, cut and attach thank you notes to each cookie order and record the important details. 

Our girls started delivery cookies this week, and so far the feedback on the Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes has been great. Moms and girls love them. I can’t wait to see the reaction when my Girl Scout delivers her cookies. 

Happy cookie sales! 

Cookie moms, if you love these printable thank you notes, you will also love these “Stop Me For Girl Scout Cookies” magnets for your car! Or these decals for your back window. I am trying to decide which one I want to sport on my ride for this season! 

Updated for 2017

Download the Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes in BLUE here. (With S’mores) 

Download the Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes in BROWN here. (With S’mores) 

Alternate Girl Scout Cookie names – I have had several requests to create this thank you note using alternate cookie names, so being the good cookie mom that’s just what I did.

Download the 2017 alternate Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes with Savannah Smiles, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, S’mores, Tagalongs, Thin Mints and Toffee-tastic in blue and in brown here.

Printable Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Notes

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