Octonauts Birthday Party Goodie Bag Ideas & Free Printables

When I started planning K’s Ocotnauts Party, I had this big idea that the goodie bags should include a themed gift from each member of the crew. 

But my big thing with goodie bags is no junk. Everything in the bags must be useable and fun. I have a big pet peeve with returning home from a party with a bunch of random candy and plastic toys I throw away within a week when my daughter tires of them. It feels wasteful to me, and I don’t like waste.

Octonauts Peso's Medical Goodie Bag
But I love a good goodie bag. So I set out to create a cool goodie bag filled with things the kids could use and enjoy. I think I succeeded. 

Initially my ideas included pirate eye patches (from Kwazi) and plastic cameras (from Dashi), but this was a party for six-year-old girls. While I was sure they would enjoy those favors for about five minutes, I was also sure moms would quickly sneak the precious treasures into the trash. It was a challenge.

After some creative thinking, I love my eight crew gifts.

Octonauts Party Goodie Bag
Peso – Medical Bag: When looking for Octonauts Party Ideas, I feel in love with the idea Peso Medical Bags complete with a blue bandage – just like Peso’s! The white treat bags are available from a lot of places, but the cheapest ones I found where on Amazon. (Since I also bought several of the goodies from Amazon, I also got free shipping.) You can get the white treat boxes here.

The blog that originally designed the bandages for Peso’s medical bag is no longer online. Download the blue bandages printable here

After printing the bandages, I ran them through my Xyron machine to turn them into a sticker. You can also use a glue stick to adhere them to the box, but the Xyron machine made quick work of the project.

Kwazi’s Pirate Tatoo’s — What do pirates love? Tattoos! And so do Kindergarteners! I was super excited to find these fishy temporary tattoos, $144 of them for $4.71. Enough to include four per goodie bag plus extras. Another idea for Kwazi – pirate eye patches.

Captain Barnacle’s Creatures — Remember those little capsules that dissolve in water revealing a tiny animal-shaped sponge. Yep, those. Fun, right? Surprisingly, these were harder to find then I thought they would be. Amazon has mixed package from Ja-Ru Magic Grow, but not just sea creatures. Ultimately, I found them on eBay. (I bought a huge lot of them, and my extras are available on eBay if you are looking.)

Another option is giant growing sea animals also from Ja-Ru, I bought a couple for decorations, and they are really cool too.

Octonauts Goodie Bag Ideas
Shellington’s Notepad — Shellington, the crew scientist, is always making notes about the creatures they discover. Now the kids can take their own notes or draw pictures. (And since the partygoers are all in Kindergarten, it is very fitting.)

To create Shellington’s notepads, I bought inexpensive mini notebooks and designed a new Octonauts cover for the notebook. Again, I used my Xyron machine to turn the new covers into stickers to easily attach them to the notebooks. (The notebooks I bought had sparkly covers, so I attached my Octonauts cover to the back cover — this way both sides are pretty.)

Download the Octonauts Notepad cover.

Octonauts Note Pad Free Printable Party Favor
Dashi’s Pictures — In an effort to represent Dash’s photography, I included self-inking stamps with sea life images. Get it — Dash’s photos in the form of a sea life stamp? My kids loved adding new stamps to their art supplies. Another idea for Dashi, sea life mini clicking cameras.

Tweak’s Gup Key Chain — If you know the Octonauts like we do, you know Tweak is the engineer in charge of the Gups. So I decided key chains were very fitting. Of course, Kindergarteners don’t drive. But how cute to see all of the little girls with Octoalert key chains hanging from their backpacks on Monday morning. K was thrilled!

To create Tweak’s key chains follow the directions in my Octonauts Key Chain Tutorial. <– coming soon

Octonauts Octoalert Key Chain
Tunip’s Fish Biscuits — Tunip’s fish biscuits are an integral part of several Octonatus episodes, so it this treat was the most obvious. It was also the easiest gift! Goldfish crackers with a cute bag topper that I created stapled on top. 

To create download and print the Tunip’s Fish Biscuits label (two labels print per page). Cut out the bag topper, fold it in half and staple it to the top of a plastic bag filled with Goldfish. (You could also use prepackaged individual bags, but a giant tub of Goldfish is cheaper.)

Download the Tunip’s Fish Biscuits label.

Octonauts Tunip Fish Biscuits
Professor Inkling’s Official Certificate — After attending an Octonauts party, the professor made all of the partygoers official members of the Octonauts crew with a certificate. Even though it didn’t fit inside Peso’s bag, the kids were excited to find their name on each carefully rolled scroll. 

Download the Official Octonauts Certificate.

Octonauts Certificate Free Printable
To pull it all together, and explain to those who haven’t watched every episode – several times, I included a gift card that explained who each gift was from.

If you use everything from my goodie bag, you can download the Octonauts gift list

Octonauts Party Free Printable
My Octonauts goodie bags were a big hit with out guests, and most of all my daughter loved them.

For more Octonauts Party ideas check out my other Octonauts posts.

Octonauts Birthday Party Ideas

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  1. I just love your gifts from the crew idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Fortunately for me birthday express carries an octonauts party theme now but I’m still using several of your ideas from your site and pinning!

  2. Your post was an *awesome find* for me, very very busy and with very little time to plan an Octonauts party for my daughter (and few ideas!). In one easy go you had the whole thing planned for me. THANK YOU.

    I do have what really is a silly question: Are the treat bags just regular sandwich bags? If not, which ones did you order? I ordered something from Amazon that was very clearly the wrong choice, and don’t want to do it again!

    Thanks again for saving this very busy mom!

    • So glad to help, the party was defiantly a labor of love. At first, I thought you were referring to the white treat boxes (the link to the ones I ordered is in the post if you need those), but I think you mean the plastic bags for the Goldfish? If so, those are just the “snack” size Ziploc bags. I just folded and stapled the paper tag part over the top. Let me know if that didn’t answer your question! 🙂

  3. This is lovely and just what I needed for my son’s upcoming 3rd Birthday. Any updates on The TWEAK’s GUP KEYCHAIN tutorial? Or any other ideas for a goody from her? And what about the Creature Report?

  4. Hey Jen,

    Thanks so much for all the great ideas! My son is turning four and he loves Octonauts. I am making most of the decor and I’m working on the boxes now. I have a Cricut Explore and was wondering if you can tell me about your boxes (buy or make, if made where did you get the design?) Thanks so much!! Have a happy day! 🙂

    • Hi – I don’t have it available as a PDF, just as a jpeg. But the jpeg works just as well. If you want to print multiples per page, simply change the number of copies to page to 6. That will allow you to print 6 copies on one paper.

  5. Hello! Thank you for making so much of this available. So fantastic to have found to help with my son’s party.
    I can’t find the colouring pages on the Disney Jr. link. Do you know if it was removed or if I just am not looking correctly?


    • Unfortunately, it looks like they were removed 🙁 I am guessing because the show is only reruns now. I wish I saved them off, I didn’t even think about it. It’s such a good show.

      • I found quite a few anyways. the kids will love it.
        any chance you remember where you got the keychain? I haven’t been able to find one like it!

  6. Thank you so very much for sharing your templates and all of these wonderful ideas! We are having an Octonauts party soon and my daughter is thrilled with all of the fun details you’ve shared!


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