A Tour And Inspiration From Better Homes And Gardens Headquarters

I have been given many wonderful opportunities through my blog, met amazing people and done some really neat things. But when Better Homes and Gardens asked me to join their team of bloggers to showcase its line of home products I was beside myself with excitement. Not only to I get to do some redecorating with BHG products this year, but I got to visit the BHG headquarters for inspiration overload.

Better Homes Gardens Network
Having already worked with Better Homes and Gardens products for a seasonal table last fall and a bathroom makeover in the spring, I knew BHG products were impressive both in quality and price. But when I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa earlier this month I was blown away by the vast product line and the amazing collection of  decor, bedding, furniture, storage and more.

With dreams of turning our dinning room into an office for me in the near future and restoring a guest room in our house, I was inspired again and again by the team at BHG and the products available. In each showroom I visited I felt like saying, “I’ll take one of those, and those, and those, and those…” 

Before I show you a single picture I must make perfectly clear — every single piece you are about to see, ever stick of furniture, everything is available from BHG exclusively at Walmart. Yes! Walmart. (Some items won’t be available until spring 2015, but they are coming soon.) 

Let the flood of pictures full of my inspiration begin. 

Details, details, details. Sometimes you want to make over an entire room (<– me right now), other time you just need a few small pieces to liven up your space. And I quickly fell in love with the details from BHG. I am completely enamored by the green bird and yellow owl candle jars

Better Homes Gardens Walmart Products
COLOR! Over and over the team from BHG talked about the importance of color. I love color so they were preaching to the choir, and this reversible jeweled damask quilt was full of color and oh-so-soft. I also loved that it was paired with purple sheets.

Better Homes Gardens Bright Quilt
Storage is a hot commodity in our house, and I storage cubes are a great way to add both function and a focal point. See that teal fabric storage cube, I have big plans for those in my new office to hide the clutter and make it beautiful. 

Better Homes Gardens Cube Storage
Pillows – please tell me I am not the only one obsessed with throw pillows. Swap them out for the season, change the colors in a room. The floral pillow looks perfect for my couch for fall, don’t ya think? (And look my fave little owl candle here too.)

Better Homes Gardens Pillows
During our tour of the BGH headquarters, we were broken up into groups for mini workshops to learn about everything BHG. We toured sets to see how and where they photograph all of those beautiful rooms in the magazine (hint, most of those photos aren’t real rooms!), we learned easy ways to pull together items from around your home for last-minute entertaining, we visited the BHG garden and so much more. 

Back stage at BHG was fascinating, and I did my best to soak in every moment, and every detail.

Better Homes Gardens Owl Fox Squirrel Cookie Jar
Apparently BHG and I share an obsession for owls because adorable owls showed up all over our tour. And I want every single one!

Better Homes Gardens Owl Placesetting
It’s never too early for me to start dreaming of Christmas. This simple centerpiece was created with the pre-made sleigh candle holder (coming soon to the holiday line), birch rounds and LED flameless candles. 

Better Homes Gardens Christmas Centerpiece
And a Christmas table isn’t complete without Christmas dishes!

Better Homes Gardens Christmas Dishes
This bedroom. This bedroom. This bedroom. I want it. I love everything about it. Remember that guest room makeover I mentioned? The grey nailhead headboard will absolutely be mine. And don’t be surprised if the bedding ends up in the guest room too. Seriously, this room speaks to me. 

Oh and check out the creative use of 3-Cube Organizer turned on its side at the foot of the bed with the same fabric storage cubes I mentioned earlier. 

Better Homes Gardens Bedroom
Rugs were another thing that impressed me throughout my visit. BHG has tons of area rugs for both indoor and outdoor use with great patterns. While the rug above and below is an indoor rug, I was actually most impressed with the outdoor rugs because they were soft enough to want inside, which would make them perfect for a play room because when they get messy just hose them off! 

Better Homes Gardens Headboard
How sweet is this little elephant? Guess what, he’s a nightlight. Wouldn’t he be precious in a nursery? There is also a ceramic owl nightlight that might one day soon be casting a warm glow in my guest room! 

Better Homes Gardens Elephant Lamp
Equally stunning, everything in this black and white room pops off bright sherbet walls. The color is bold and dramatic, but it is the BHG details that really wow! Look at those starburst mirrors and the mirror clock.

Better Homes Gardens Bedroom Inspiration
I know I keep talking about all of the products I love, but really there were so many. This BHG mercury glass lamp has already made its way into my house. I am still searching for the right shade, but you won’t believe this lamp is under $20!

Better Homes Garden Mercury Glass Lamp
And this, this is how you make storage look beautiful. (And that rug is crazy soft!)

Better Homes Gardens Storage
One of the most inspiring things about visiting BHG was seeing how they use their own products. We had a chance to meet with Eddie Ross who added his own flare to BHG products by adding DIY touches. He gave plain black frames a bold look with scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and copper tape. Lamp shares were given a pop of color with ribbon and metallic brads. And even curtains received a special touch with a bit of rick rack and ribbon.

Oh how I would love to spend a day with him making over my house!

You can truly makeover your entire house with BHG, even your outdoor space.

Better Homes Gardens Outdoor
In addition to everything BHG had to show me, I also had the chance to meet some incredibly talented craft and decor bloggers. This is going to be such a great year of creating and sharing ideas for new ways to use BHG products in our homes. I hope you are equally inspired to create a beautiful space in your home find even more BHG inspiration on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

My trip to Des Moines was capped off by a visit to the Iowa State Fair, where I saw a butter cow (literally a cow carved out of butter), lots of fried foods and giant pumpkins. 

Iowa State Fair Pumpkin
This post was in partnership with BHG at Walmart. As always, all opinions are my own.

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    • I don’t have a link yet. It will be available from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart. It is scheduled to go on sale starting 9/22, so it will be online very soon! (I want it for my guest room, it is soooo soft!)

  1. Will the fox dinnerware (cookie jar, plate,cup, etc) be on sale at WalMart on 9/22 as well like the bedding? I can’t find any release dates and NEED the set. It’s official…I can’t live without it 🙂

    • Hi Haley – Actually, those have just started hitting the stores now. A friend saw them in her store Monday, so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂


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