Guest Bathroom Makeover

We have lived in out house for nearly 10 years. (Oh my does time fly!) While I love our house, certain areas have been sorely neglected. Low on the priority list, I have often looked at them over the last decade and thought, “One of these days, I am going to do something with this room.” For our guest bathroom, “one of these days” has finally come!

Small Guest Bathroom Decor
Isn’t it lovely now! I am so glad BHG challenged me to a Refresh for Summer program,it was just the kick in the pants I needed to finally makeover this space!

Before I show you all of the fun details, I want to show you why it needed a refresh. Our sad little guest bathroom was the home of towels my husband owned since before we were married and a paper “curtain.” Yes, a tragic paper curtain

Paper Curtains Before
Oh my gosh, let me tell you the story of this window situation. On the one hand, I appreciate that the builder installed a door with a window in out guest/pool bath. Natural light makes me happy. On the other hand, what on earth possessed our builder to install a door with a floor to ceiling CLEAR GLASS window opposite the toilet?! I will never understand this logic. Ever.

When we first moved in, we tried spray-on glass frost. Because the window has French window panes, it was a total pain. But it worked. Until my niece and nephew scratched it off with their fingernails when they stayed with us once. Oiy! To cover up the holes, my husband picked up a paper curtain. It was too short, but it would work temporarily. That was about seven years ago. 

I was always going to make something for the door because the window is an odd shape. It is long (84 inches) and narrow (16 inches). Then in search of the perfect bathroom accessories from BHG, I stumbled across a sheer curtain from BHG that is 84 inches and works perfect! YEAY! 

Bathroom Curtain
Let’s look at one more before picture of the space. Nothing really matched. It was kind of a dumping ground for left over accessories that I wasn’t using. Like those cool jars with random clips in one of them. (???)

Bathroom Makeover Before
We always had a loose tropical/travel theme for this bathroom with maps from some of our favorite islands on the opposite wall and a few photos. Because the maps are special (and the only thing I really liked in the bathroom), I wanted the refresh to work with the maps. The dark bronze BHG accessories were the perfect answer. They kind of have that old-world feel, right?

Guest Bathroom
My favorite new accessory in the room is the tray (which is actually a candle tray). I like to display a few small toiletries for guests — just in case they forget something. Before the refresh I had them in a wire basket, and they just looked cramped. Now they look like they belong in a fancy hotel! 

Guest Bathroom Display
I am such a huge fan of candlelight that I had to include a couple of candles. And I adore the matching bronze candle holders. Don’t they make a plain jarred candle look fancy? 

Bathroom Candlelight
Gone are the tired and worn towels. In their place much more striking chocolate-brown bath towels with coordinating cinnamon hand towels that really pop against the neutral walls. Not only do the fresh towels look nice, they are oversized, soft and fluffy. Very inviting for guests especially compared to our old ratty ones! (Bonus – the bath sheet was only $12.97!)

Guest Bathroom Towels
My entire makeover — linens, curtain, accessories, etc. — cost about $200 with no one item costing more than $20 — thanks to BHG items found at Walmart. It was an easy update, done in a day, but what a transformation. And no more paper curtain!

Do you have a room in your house that could use a summer refresh? 

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Good luck!

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28 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Makeover”

  1. Great job! Love the accessories. We also have the same “pool door” and I must admit, I was stumped when we moved in 6 years ago! Coming from the north, I had never seen anything like it.
    You did a phenomenal refresh on this…(I just might copy the whole design!)

    • It’s crazy, right?! I am from Florida and have never seen a pool door with floor to ceiling glass OPPOSITE the toilet. But finally, we have the perfect solution! 🙂 (Feel free to copy — everything is available from the BHG line at Walmart!)

  2. Very nice touches to the bathroom. I like the idea of a door in the bathroom especially if you have a pool. The kids can come in a go to the bathtub without stomping through the house soaking wet. I had the same issue with my back door. I wanted to add a curtain but had a hard time finding something that would work. I ended up buying a sheer black curtain set. I bought the rods that you need to make hang on the the back door. I then hemmed the bottom of the curtains to add at the bottom. It worked great and even though it is sheer it made a huge difference.

  3. I love all the natural light in your guest bathroom. Two of our bathrooms are like tombs. I’ve wished for a skylight tube in our master bath.

  4. Very classy looking, I’ve been meaning to redo my guest bathroom as well, it is decorated with ducks and I’m so tired of the childish decoration.

  5. Beautiful! This inspires me! I need to makeover both of our bathrooms. The choices you made with accessories are spot on! Really lovely!

  6. WOW! What a great summer makeover of your bathroom. To just add some new items and the tray is so cute. I need to redo my bathroom and add some new things to brighten it up!

  7. This turned out beautlful…will you come & redo my one bathroom? I have 2 boys & a large, extra dirty it up man child to deal with, so my bathroom is just ugh!


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