How To Grill Pizza

Have you ever grilled a pizza? Did you even know you could grill a pizza? Until recently, I didn’t know. But after trying it I have to tell you that it’s awesome. It’s quick, easy and delicious. This summer, you’ve gotta try it!

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Jack's Grilled Pizza
According to a new KRC Research and JACK’S Pizza survey, Americans are stuck in a grilling rut and keep returning to the same mundane menu options. (I don’t know about you, but that certainly sounds like my house!) JACK’S Pizza wants to help you change things up by changing how you prepare a pizza — grill it!

Served with a side salad or some fruit, it’s a quick family dinner (ready in less than 20 minutes) with lots of flavor. And because it is a frozen pizza, it is a great option to keep on hand for a last-minute meal on a lazy summer day

How To Grill Pizza

How To Grill A JACK’S Pizza

Preheat gas grill to 400 degrees F (low). Keep lid closed.

Place frozen pizza directly on the gas grill. (Tip – after you unwrap the packaging and toss the cardboard don’t let the pizza thaw.)

Grill for 12-20 minutes. (Grill times vary by pizza variety, get the exact grilling time for your pizza from JACK’s Grilling.) Rotate the pizza 180 degrees about half way to make sure pizza is cooking evenly.

Check for doneness. Pizza should be grilled to a temp of 160 degrees. The cheese should be fully melted and the crust dark. (The open flame makes the crust darker than it would typically be in an oven.)

Remove pizza from the grill. Be careful, it’s hot! Let it cool for 5 minutes and enjoy.

Grilled Pizza How To
Note – JACK’s recommends grilling your pizza in the middle of your grill so it gets cooked evenly. Unfortunately, half of our grill is dead. So that’s the middle of what works!

If your grill is on it’s last leg, like ours, now’s the time to enter JACK’s Ultimate Grill Takeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a new gas grill. To enter, visit JACK’S Facebook page and submit a photo that displays your family grilling, your family in the backyard with JACK’S pizza, you and your family with your favorite JACK’S pizza, or a summer cookout picture. Each week through August 9, someone will win a new grill!

Now that you know how to grill a JACK’S Pizza grill one up, snap a picture, enjoy the deliciousness and enter the sweepstakes.

Grilled Pizza

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  1. I’m SUCH a fan of grilling pizza!! It is so simple – and so perfect for lazy summer nights when you don’t want to cook, or heat up the kitchen.

    Plus – there’s no easier way to get a man to cook dinner than to ask him to make something on the grill, lol,


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