Fruit & Veggie Smoothie At Home Without A Blender!

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On a hot summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than a smoothie. But I admit to being blender lazy. I don’t mind making smoothies, but gah cleaning the blender. I am so lazy. 

In fact, I am so lazy I would rather put everyone in the car and go get a smoothie from a smoothie shop. (Yep, makes no sense.) Apparently I am not the only blender-lazy smoothie lover because DOLE Shakers are made just for people like me. 

With DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers POWER Smoothies there is no blending necessary to make a real fruit, veggie and yogurt smoothie at home. (And no trip to the smoothie shop either!) When I heard this, I was both intrigued and skeptical. How does this work? How does this taste? I had to have one. (And then another.)

Dole Nutrition Plus Power Shakers
Oh my yum! 

How do they taste? They taste great! How is the clean up? Easy peasy.

DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers POWER Smoothies in the frozen juice section at your grocery store. I grabbed a couple because I couldn’t decide which flavor sounded best. The only thing you have to add to DOLE Shakers is juice, so I also grabbed my favorite juice — DOLE Orange, Pineapple, Banana. (Haven’t tried it, you should.)

When we were ready to make our smoothies, I just poured my juice up to the fill line in the DOLE Shakers bottle.

Dole Power Shaker Smoothie
Smoothies Dole Power Shaker 
Then I handed the over to my assistants for the tough work. Shake, shake, shake. 

Smoothie Shakers
Then it was time for the taste test. 

No Blender Smoothie
Look at those smiles, I think they like it.

And clean up… rinse and recycle — plus a couple extra cups so we could all share. Happy mom.

New DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers POWER Smoothies made with all natural fruit, veggies, real Greek yogurt and are nutritionally fortified with an extra boost of protein (5 grams). The best part? They taste great and are available in three varieties:

  • Blueberry Banana with Red Beet (Blue POWER) Shakers
  • Pineapple Mango with Sweet Potato and Carrot (Yellow POWER)
  • Strawberry Raspberry with Red Beat and Purple Carrot (Red POWER)

Which flavor will you try first?

DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers POWER Smoothies


  1. Yum these look SO good! I hate using my blender for things like this because it’s SO loud. This would be perfect for us!

  2. Jill Myrick says:

    We have tried theses at home and they are delicious. Plus my kids have so much fun making their own shakes this way.
    My favorite of the flavors is the Strawberry Raspberry.


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