DIY Chalkboard Frame Tutorial

Ya know how excited kids are when they get a new toy? That’s how excited I am when I get a new craft supply. I get all excited about the possibilities and I can’t wait to make something cool. Then I get nervous that I am going to screw it up. Then I get purely giddy when it starts coming together how I pictured it in my head. 

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. 

Two weeks later, I am still giddy about how this project turned out.

DIY Framed Chalkboard Tutorial

In addition to creating something fun with my new toys, I love that this project allowed me to upcycle something old. Something that most people would have seen as garbage into something new and wonderful. 


  • Duck Brand® Chalkboard Deco Adhesive Laminate
  • Duck Brand® Dry Erase Deco Adhesive Laminate
  • Old frame (with glass)
  • Spray paint
  • Embellishments
  • Chalk
  • String

I started with an old picture frame (and I mean old, it came out of my husband’s grandmother’s house). I gave it a good cleaning and an upgrade with a coat of white spray paint.

Next I took out the glass and covered it with the Chalkboard Deco Adhesive Laminate.

Only this is where I almost messed up the whole project — I dropped the glass. (You can see the chipped bottom left corner.) In order to protect the glass from cracking further, I cut a piece of cardboard the same size. Then when I wrapped the glass with the Chalkboard Laminate, I folded it around the cardboard. Even if you don’t break your glass – the cardboard made the whole project more sturdy so you might want to add this optional step in.

Duck Deco Laminate Chalkboard Project

After putting the chalkboard covered glass back in the frame, I decided it needed some embellishments. So I raided my stash and came up with some craft buttons.

I decided the project still needed a little something. Since I created this project as a birthday gift for my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher, I decided it needed personalization. So I grabbed a roll of Dry Erase Deco Adhesive Laminate (white) and ran it through my Cricut — worked like a charm. Let me repeat — Duck Brand® Deco Laminate works with Cricut machines. A world of possibilities opened up for me. Plus Duck Brand® Deco Laminate is sold in 10 feet rolls — do you know how many projects you can make with 10 feet?!

(Name redacted for privacy.)

Duck Deco Laminate Craft

I wondered how the chalkboard surface would work – if I wrote on it would it really come clean? The answer is yes! I tested the surface over and over and was very impressed with it. 

I tied a string to the hook on the back of the frame, attached a piece of chalk and ta-da teacher’s gift done.

Now the only question is, what to make next?

Duck Adhesive Deco Laminate

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