I Can’t Wait To Be A Girl Scout Mom

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What do you think about when you hear about Girls Scouts? Little girls in green? COOKIES? Yeah, you know it is all about the cookies. But when you are a Girl Scout it is so much more than the cookies — so much more. 

I was a Girl Scout, and I have fond memories of my Scouting years. From friendships to camping — Girl Scouts was a huge part of my life, and I can’t wait to share that experience with my daughter. More than that, I can’t wait to watch her make memories that will last her lifetime (and mine). 

I have so many Scouting memories, especially from our trips to Camp Wewa. Bon fires and marshmallows, craft projects and team building activities — I learned about making friends and how to be a leader. I even got my first taste at performing during skit nights. I can’t wait to send K on her first camping trip. (I totally plan to chaperone so I can be part of the fun!) 

Then there was the time our troop leaders “kidnapped” us. The surprised us by picking them up super early (before the sun) and loaded us into the van in our PJs (secretly, our moms had packed bags waiting for us). We spent the day doing all kinds of cool fun things, including going ice skating. I can’t wait to help create a fun day like this for my daughter and her friends. 

Did you know there are 3.2 million Girl Scouts? That’s a lot of memories (and cookies) being made every day. I can’t wait to be part of it all again. 

Girl Scouts I Can't Wait To

Have you noticed a theme? The Girl Scouts new recruiting message is, “I can’t wait to

You know that feeling when you just can’t wait for tomorrow? When you’re with friends, and you’re talking about all the fun things that could happen? We love that feeling! So let’s do all the cool stuff you imagined – like trying a bunch of new things, making new friends and sharing what makes you smile. We’ll count down to the next day – and the next one, and the next one – together.

Elementary aged girls make up the majority of the Girl Scouts, so all of those memories cannot be made without the help of volunteers. Although I decided not to enroll my daughter in Scouts this year (tackling Kindergarten is enough adventure for her), next year will be our year. 

If you are ready to start your daughter on the Girl Scout path, there is still time to join a Girl Scout Troop this year. You can get more information on how to join or volunteer with Girl Scouts online

Even Michelle Obama supports the Girl Scouts.


You won’t know what kind of lasting memories and experiences your daughter will have with Girl Scouts until she starts. While I was girl scouts for several years in elementary and middle school, my cousin continued her Scouting years through college providing her amazing opportunities, friendships and experiences.

Learn more about the Girl Scouts online, connect with the Girl Scouts on Facebook, follow the Girl Scouts on Twitter, check out the Girl Scouts on Pinterest and even see more videos about what it means to be a Girl Scout on YouTube.

So what makes you think, “I can’t wait to”?

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  1. I was a Brownie, and then a Girl Scout. I won an award in our city for selling the most cookies 🙂 I can’t wait until my little girl is old enough to start Girl Scouts – I hope to lead a group myself 🙂


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