Never Forget To Turn Off The Light Again ~ Giveaway


Last month, I installed a Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch in our laundry room. The idea was to have instant lights in the main entry way to the house so that we could stop fumbling around in the dark, and to have said light turn off so it wasn’t always left on. Installation was super easy (I even made a helpful video), so the big question is how do we like it a month later?

We love it! 

It has taken some getting used to. I admit to being surprised when the light flipped on more than once, and I still find myself reaching to turn off the light from time to time, but it is fantastic. Every time I think about it I wonder why I didn’t think of doing something like this sooner (face palm!). It was so simple, and it has made a world of difference.

Now when my hands are full with kids and kids stuff, I don’t have to reach back to turn off the light or come home to darkness. I have light when I need it, and it turns off when I don’t. Perfect. 

Laundry Room

Since installing the switch I am now considering putting on in our pantry — that’s a spot where the light is frequently left on by mistake. Plus how nice would it be to open the door and have instant light. 

Tip – At first we had some problems with the light coming by when we just walked past the room, but when we adjusted the sensitivity setting the problem resolved.

You can also set the light timer to stay on for various intervals after you leave the room. (We have ours set to turn off one minute after we leave.) 

Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch has been a welcome addition to our home. Much like push-button windows on cars, I already wonder how we lived without it.

Save 25% on a Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch

If you ever find yourself fumbling around in the darkness or asking, “Who left the lights on?,” you should look into replacing your light switch with a Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch (also available with a dimmer). The switch we installed retails for $41.50, but you can use the coupon code wholeftthelightson to save 25% on the switch through October 31, 2013 when you buy it via Lutron’s website. Plus get one free Claro single-gang wallplate ($4.90 suggested list price) with each qualifying item.


Five lucky winners (yes 5) will receive a Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor C.L dimmer OR Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor switch.

To enter – Please use the Rafflecopter form below to take advantage of your entry opportunities.

MANDATORY ENTRY MUST BE LEFT AS COMMENT ON BLOG POST BELOW– then you can check off in Rafflecopter that you did it. Otherwise, all other entries will be invalid. *** PLEASE be sure to read instructions in Rafflecopter form as to what to comment about.***

Contest ends October 17, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lutron light infographic

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Lutron. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

88 thoughts on “Never Forget To Turn Off The Light Again ~ Giveaway”

  1. I would put the Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor Switch in the hallway to our garage so the light will automatically turn on when my hands are full carrying packages in from the car.

  2. Our laundry is at the end of a very long hallway that nobody goes down unless they are doing laundry. One of the kids ALWAYS leaves the light on in there!

  3. I would install it in my garage. I often go into the garage in the morning to get in my car and the light is on. Which means it’s been on since the day before!

  4. I would definitely love a sensor in the bathroom….hate fumbling around in the dark in the morning. That part of my house has little natural light and I inevitably bump into a few things in the morning before I am fully awake.

  5. In the stairwell. I am always carrying dishes (yes, I snack in the bedroom), laundry, or bags from the store up and down the steps and it is almost impossible to flip the lightswitch on/off because they are the type fairly flush with the surface of the wall.
    Additionally, once my arms are full I take it as a personal affront to call for assistance or to put things down to properly illuminate the area (I am also a one-trip from the car kinda gal, and will fairly lose all feeling in my fingers before I will make a second trip, but that is another story).
    This wonderful product would be of great assistance in allowing me to safetly traverse the stairs.

  6. I can think of a couple of places – the spare bathroom where we keep the cat’s litter box, the basement stairwell, our front door area, my pantry

  7. I would install the Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor Switch in our garage. We’re using a lighted switch, but still often forget to turn it off.

  8. I need the Lutron for a room with two entryways but a switch on only one of them. That leaves you fumbling across the room to switch on a light.


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