Cupcake Race Board Game Review

My daughter has a total obsession with cupcakes. Obviously she loves to eat them, but she also likes to make them, play with them, decorate with them, wear them — she loves cupcakes. Even her favorite iPad app is a cupcake making game. So when I saw a board game all about making cupcakes, I knew it had to be under our tree this Christmas.

From the manufacturer:

There’s a party tonight, and you (and your opponents) have been asked to being cupcakes. The race is on. Be the first player to MIX, BAKE, FROST, and TOP your cupcake by visiting all 4 corners, and collect sprinkles along the way. The first player to reach the party with a completed cupcake and a sprinkle of each color wins the cherry to put on top.

Why I Love It – Because it is simple, cute and fun. It is your traditional board game where players race to the finish line, but the addition of the challenge of building a cupcake – wrapper, frosting and sprinkles – makes this game special.

WARNING – as a mom with a baby, I must warn you that the sprinkles are tiny! This game will have to be played while baby girl is napping and keep up on a high shelf out of reach!

Great Gift For – Because it contains very small pieces, this box is intended for ages 4+

Buy It – Cupcake Race is available on Amazon. List price $21.99, but it is currently on sale for $9.99!

I am excited that Cupcake Race is participating in The Suburban Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide. In addition to all of the other fabulous prizes, the winner will win the Cupcake Race Board Game!

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  1. I bought this game for my 3 year old Granddaughter and she absolutely loves it. Its the only game she ever wants to play. She bakes cupcake with me and my husband (Pop) all the time. She also loves to play the cupcake app. on my laptop.


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