Hypo-Allergenic Flowers: Flowers that won’t make you Sneeze!

Putting together a bouquet of flowers for a special event, home decoration or a touch of spring throughout the year can seem difficult when allergies get in the way. Pollen allergies, which are the common cause of seasonal allergic reactions like hay fever, make it seem that flowers are not an option. Although some varieties of flowers are better to avoid, it is possible to find low pollen and pollen-free flower varieties.

Doubled Flowers

Any type of flower that is labelled or called a formal doubled flower or a doubled flower is a genetically modified variation that will create the same beautiful look without the pollen allergies. Doubled flowers are changed to reduce or eliminate the pollen production within the plant. Over time, the flowers have changed to the point that pollen is almost eliminated and it is not easy for the
plant to reproduce in a natural environment.

Many types of flowers come in formal doubled varieties, which is the ideal selection when looking for real flowers. By selecting only doubled flowers, the risk of allergic reactions is low because the pollen is reduced.

Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs do not have the same growth cycle as other flowers, which makes it ideal when looking for a hypo-allergenic variety of plants. The bulbs are naturally limited in the amount of pollen due to the growth cycle that primarily takes place below ground.

Although some varieties will have pollen on the anther, it is easy to remove the pollen by cutting off the anther. When cutting off the anther, make sure to use caution and wear gloves. The sap from the flowers can leave a rash and the pollen can leave stains on clothing.

Flowering bulbs include lilies, calla, orchids and daffodils. To get the best hypo-allergenic results, it is best to look for doubled varieties, remove the anther or select options that have a weaker smell and white color. Brightly colored options with a stronger smell will have more pollen than other flower varieties.

Silk Flowers

While real flowers are ideal for special occasions, silk alternatives can create the same amazing look without the risk of allergic reactions. The silk flowers are man-made to look like real flowers, but use materials like silk. As a result, it does not have any pollen and will not have a risk of causing allergies. Although silk flowers are hypo-allergenic, it has some potential downsides. The obvious downside is that it is man-made and not a natural plant. It will not produce the same feel or smell that comes from real flowers. The other downside of the flowers is the dust. Silk flowers can become dusty, which will require cleaning after a period of time.

Finding flowers that are hypo-allergenic is not a difficult task. By looking for low-pollen varieties or options that do not have any pollen, allergies are eliminated. The best options will vary based on personal taste and preferred styles, but bulb flowers and formal doubled varieties can help reduce allergic reactions.


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