In Case Of Emergency Feature On Droid RAZR

I discovered a feature on my Droid RAZR today that should be standard on all phones (here that phone peeps, you need to add this to all phones). As a mom, who watches too much TV, I worry about being in an accident and where I loose consciousness and there is a delay in notifying loved ones (I know paranoia). So when adding the idea of adding ICE to your cell phone book swept the country a few years back I was an early adopter and have had ICE numbers in my phone ever since. This feature takes ICE to a new level.

Messing around in my contacts today, I noticed this… (Don’t ask why I never paid attention to it before.)

Verizon Droid RAZR ICE App

I clicked to see what the deal was. On the next screen I was able to add three contacts from my existing address book and type three notes. Now, anyone who happens upon my phone and opens my contacts will see the ICE contacts first (unless they are blind like me). And inside they will find my emergency contacts and three very important notes – my allergies, who the contacts are and the names of my girls (because if I was in an accident with them and couldn’t speak, I want emergency personal to know their names to put them at ease).

The end result looks like this

Verizon Droid RAZR

After my discovery, I checked for an ICE app. Sure enough, there are several apps you can add to your phone with similar features. This ICE app seems to put the info right on your home screen, which is cool. So if you don’t have a Droid RAZR that comes with this feature, you can add something similar. But I go back to my original thought. This should be a standard feature so we are all prepared.

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