Save Space And Have Fun With Bunkbeds

Guest Post

The website is offering loads of sale prices on some really great looking bunkbeds right now. We’re talking some pretty hefty discounts, often several hundred bucks lower than the list price for some very nice pieces of furniture. The timing on this may be just right for lots of people — including the proprietress of this very site — with multiple kids who are now or may soon be the right age for this classic style of furniture.

Bunks and loft beds may be especially on the money for readers with large families or lots of stuff, and a relatively small amount of space in which to put it. Toys, books, games, clothes, backpacks… kids’ gear takes up a lot of room. Even big rooms can quickly feel cramped when filled to the brim. So, space-saving options are the rule of the day and bunk beds fit right in.


The nice part is that is offering a pretty huge assortment of design options and configurations. Bunks are no longer simply the traditional twin over twin set up. They also can incorporate full size beds, futons, and loft style beds as well. Some of the latter feature computer desks and other nice bonuses as well. Also, a number of bunks and lofts also include cabinets, a very nice twofer indeed.

The other thing is that, and there’s not another way to put this, but bunk beds are just plain fun. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I spent hours as a child plotting how to grab the top bunk from my  sibling and what I would do when I got into position as master of all I surveyed. I’m still plotting.

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