Good Humor Oreo Bar

Pool Party Treats + Six Flags Sweepstakes

These summer pool party treats and a Six Flags sweepstakes post is sponsored by Mirum, but all of the summer fun is our own. Summer vacation only began a week ago, and already we have hosted two pool parties, two impromptu pool play dates, and my kids have been in the …

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Reading Before Bed

Take The Read2Me Tonight Challenge (Sweepstakes)

Reading has been part of our daughters’ bedtime routine since before they were born. A friend gave us The Going to Bed Book at my baby shower, and from the night I brought that book home my husband started reading it to my belly every night. Eight years later, the …

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What Gets You Moving In The Morning?

I am so not a morning person. So not. If I had my way, I’d stay up until 12-1 am every night and get up around 9. That would kind of be perfect. But that’s not practical, the bus comes at 7:15 and I have a two year old too. …

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