What Gets You Moving In The Morning?

tsm 2I am so not a morning person. So not. If I had my way, I’d stay up until 12-1 am every night and get up around 9. That would kind of be perfect. But that’s not practical, the bus comes at 7:15 and I have a two year old too.

(BTW – I still go to bed around 12-1 am, I just get up at 6:30. So I am perpetually tired.)

The Morning Movers campaign by Toasters Strudel is asking fans, “What would get you moving in the morning.” And some lucky fans are getting their wishes granted. 

Toaster Strudel Morning Mover

Through January 31, fans are invited to share their morning wishes on Toasters Strudel’s Facebook page. Those wishes are being carefully evaluated, and a handful of those wishes will be coming true. 

The program began when the people at Toasters Strudel noticed a trend of Tweets about people having a hard time getting out of bed. They randomly selected two organic Tweets from people talking about something that would get their morning moving, and then dropped into these people‚Äôs homes to surprise them with their wish. (Can you even imagine how surprised you would be?)

Check out the first Morning Movers surprise:


How great is that — a ride to school in a limo? Yeah, I’d get up for that too. How cute and excited were those girls?!?

Toaster Strudel Morning Movers

I thought long and hard about what could actually drag me out of bed in the morning with a spring in my step. I decided having a professional organizer/decorator come in and re-do my overstuffed space would get me moving. A bit unconventional, but I would leap out of bed to see my house organized. Removing the weight of needing to tackle that issue would free my mind and get me moving in the morning. Someone send me some help! 

So, what would get you moving in the morning? A hot air balloon ride? A celebrity trainer? What would you wish for?

Visit the Toaster Strudel Facebook page to share your morning wish. You might have your morning wish granted. Good luck with your wish, and good luck getting out of the bed in the morning.

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