What Do Family Meals Together At Your House Look Like? ~ Sweepstakes

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Because my girls are small we have the luxury family of meals together every night. Family dinner time is a chance for us to catch up on the day and is nearly always filled with some sort of silliness. It’s our time at the end of each day to be together as a family. 

And while some dinners become chaotic or dreadfully slow (because my girls can take forever to eat their dinners), I thank my lucky stars for these nights together. I know it won’t be easy to keep up nightly family dinner as they grow older, but we plan to make it a priority as much as we can. 

Tyson is celebrating family meals together by hosting a “Meals Together” photo contest with a grand prize of $1,500! Entering is as simple as liking Tyson on Facebook and uploading a picture of what “Meals Together” looks like for your family – whenever and wherever you can grab a meal together. 

Tyson Meals Together
So what do “Meals Together” in my house look like? Well, I mentioned that it is often filled with much silliness and giggles. This is one of my favorite recent meals together.

Family Dinner
Having a meal together as a family is about so much more than just eating. It is about that family bonding time — even when family bonding takes the form of walrus teeth french fries.

Whether meals together is a regular event in your house or an occasional treat, enjoy it! And while you are at it, snap a photo. Your dinner picture could win you $1,500 or a $50 Tyson prize pack. But hurry, the Tyson Meals Together sweepstakes ends May 30. (A great excuse to carve out some time for a meal together today!)

Don’t wait, enter Tyson’s Meals Together photo contest today!

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