Pool Party Treats + Six Flags Sweepstakes

These summer pool party treats and a Six Flags sweepstakes post is sponsored by Mirum, but all of the summer fun is our own.

Summer vacation only began a week ago, and already we have hosted two pool parties, two impromptu pool play dates, and my kids have been in the pool just about every day. It’s a hot, hot summer in Florida already and there’s nothing better than cooling off in the pool and eating ice cream. 

Good Humor Oreo

Since we have a rotating door of friends visiting for some pool time, I make sure my freezer is well-stocked with cool treats. My kids current favorite treat are the Good Humor Oreo bars. Oh are they yummy. 

Good Humor Oreo Bar

Of course there are other great Good humor treats like Strawberry Shortcake and Reece’s, but I have to admit I am pretty pleased with their choice of Oreo because it means there is always something chocolatey in the freezer for me to indulge in too. Oreo ice cream rolled in an Oreo topping… it is as good as it sounds. 

To make summer even sweeter with Good Humor, I buy our treats at Walmart using Walmart’s online grocery pick up. But before I tell about how that makes my life easier, here’s how to enter for your chance to win a trip to Six Flags this summer. 

Oreo Good Humor Bar

Sweet Summer Adventure Sweepstakes

Looking to add some sweet adventure to your summer? Enter the Sweet Summer Adventure sweepstakes for your chance to win a trip to Six Flags with two-day passes for 4 people with a three-nights hotel stay and air transportation included. There is also a chance to win a Major League Baseball Family pack with 4 tickets to a game. Sweepstakes ends June 30, 2018.

To enter:

  • Visit the sweepstakes page
  • Upload a photo
  • Add fun summer stickers
  • Enter it into the drawing

Here’s what I created with a photo from one of our summer pool parties.   

Sweet Summer Adventure Sweepstakes

Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup

Now that the kids are home for summer, that means I have three kids in tow for every errand. To make stocking up on summer supplies including our favorite Good Humor treats, I used Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup so we never have to get out of the car. 

By ordering groceries online I can plan out what I need for a pool party and family groceries without my kids distracting me with a million questions. After making sure I have everything we need, I select a time for pick up that works for us. Usually I time pick up so we can swing by Walmart on our way home from summer adventures. In just a few minutes, everything is brought right to our car without having to go inside saving me time, money and hassle.

Pool party ready without taking the whole crew inside — it’s the little things that make mom’s life easier.  

Walmart Online Grocery Pick Up

Don’t forget to save the sticks from your Good Humor treats so you can make some summer crafts like this Popsicle Stick Picture Frame or Popsicle Stick Fireworks.

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  1. Seem like all ice cream is going Oreo, hope to see the Good Humor Oreo bars in my country soon, it is not available here right now. My kids simply like anything Oreo.


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