Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Waffle Recipe

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Waffles

I love breakfast foods, especially sweet breakfast foods. And one of my favorite breakfast treats is homemade waffles. We have one of those really cool flip waffle makers, which makes making waffles even more fun. Normally we make plain waffles (and douse them in syrup or whip cream), but this weekend we decided to spice things up.

DIY Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

Halloween Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

I have a slight obsession with deco mesh. It is so incredibly easy to work with and it creates such a cool effect. And seriously, it is so easy. Last Christmas I taught several of my friends how to make deco mesh wreaths — none of whom consider themselves crafty.  …

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Duck Tape Mustache Pumpkin How To

No-Carve Duck Tape Mustache Pumpkin Tutorial

As much as I love the annual pumpkin carving (and I really do love it), I am also a fan of no-carve pumpkin decor. Creating no-carve pumpkins give me the ability to be creative and enjoy my results all month. For that reason, I have an ever-growing collection of faux pumpkins that I have decorated. Each year I make something new, and this year I decided to create my pumpkin with Duck TapeĀ®.

Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Template Craft

Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Craft + Template

From the time my daughter sees the first pumpkin in the store she begins her daily question, “Is it Halloween yet?” With zero concept of time, she tends to drive her mom batty with her continual questions about when is Halloween (or any other big event). To squash the need …

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