Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Craft + Template

From the time my daughter sees the first pumpkin in the store she begins her daily question, “Is it Halloween yet?” With zero concept of time, she tends to drive her mom batty with her continual questions about when is Halloween (or any other big event). To squash the need to ask everyday, I employ advent countdowns whenever possible like this pumpkin halloween countdown craft sponsored by Fiskars. 

Sure I have some lovely store-bought ones, but it is even more fun to make your own. A craft project and practical solution in one — I am all about it. For this Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Craft I was inspired by a craft from Fiskars’ website.

Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Template Craft

Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Craft

One of my favorite Fiskars products are the handheld punches (I currently own three which get used for just about ever holiday and party I throw). Fiskars took paper punches to the next level by sewing them together to create a paper punch garland. Super simple and super cute.

My initial thought was to sew the garland for my mini crafters, but then I realized it might be too hard to tear off for the countdown. So I swapped stitches for staples, and it worked perfectly. 

Halloween Art Project with Fiskars Scissors

I am going to tell you how I made this super simple craft in a moment, but first I want to tell you why I filled my house with seven little girls for a craft party.

This month I joined the Champions For Kids mission along with Fiskars to provide art supplies for a children’s organization. I choose SafeHouse of Seminole, which is a local shelter for women and children.

I could have just donated craft tools, but I decided it would be more fun to donate supplies along with instructions for an art project for the kids to create. (I love inspiring craftiness in kids!) Then I decided it would be even more fun to gather my daughter’s friends together to test the project. Not only could we have a fun afternoon crafting with friends, but I also challenged the moms to bring supplies to donate (I even had a prize for the person who brought the most).

We had a ton of fun at our craft party and the moms all brought tons of great supplies to donate. Check out what we collected.

Craft Tools

But that’s not all, the kids at SafeHouse of Seminole will also be getting all of these art tools that I picked up too.

Fiskars Kids Scissors Art Tools

Back to the craft.

With a little bit of prep work, this is the perfect project to make with a bunch of kids. In fact, I challenge you to have your own craft party and collect supplies for a local children’s organization in your area!

Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Template

After my attempts to find a pumpkin template were unsuccessful, I decided to create my own template. Trust me, this will make your project so much easier. (You’re welcome!)

Download your Pumpkin Face Template here.

Pumpkin Outline Template Halloween

Once I had my template printed out, I went a head and traced it onto colored paper for the kiddos. The probably could have done this themselves, but I wanted to make things smooth for the party.

Art Supplies Fiskars Crayola Elmer's

I also decided it would be best if I punched out all of the circles for garland before the party. Boy am I glad I did this. We made ours 43 days before Halloween, so it was a lot of punches. (43 x 7 = 301 plus extras for decoration.)

When the guest arrived assembly was as easy as cutting out the pumpkin and face with scissors and then stapling the punches together to make garland strands. Perfect for a group of girls ranging from Kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Scissors

Within minutes the girls were happily cutting, coloring, glueing and stapling. Looks like fun, doesn’t it? It was.

Halloween Kids Craft Assembly

When the last punch has been stapled into place, each little girl had a craft to take home and enjoy through Halloween. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and we were able to collect tons of great supplies.

Later this week, I will take the art tools along with instructions to SafeHouse of Seminole so they can have their own crafting party and make their own pumpkin Halloween countdown craft. 

How to Make a Pumpkin Halloween Countdown Fiskars Project

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  1. I will try this in my classroom! My four year olds really love this holiday and get excited way too early! This should be a good way for them to begin to comprehend how much longer they have to wait!

  2. Oh my gosh! Look at all of those fun Crayola products! My inner crazy-craft-lady just swooned. I love countdown projects. Kids can’t seem to get enough of them! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. what a wonderful idea! I love all the donations! Did I see a box of 64 markers? I haven’t seen that before! Funny, I make countdown calendars for every other occasion, never thought to do Halloween! can’t wait to try this!!

  4. what a great idea! my 3 & 4 yr old grandsons would like something like that, so definitely a countdown calendar would be fun for them as they love Halloween!

  5. This is a wonderful fun Halloween craft to make with my nephew and niece. We love making things for Halloween. We just got done making glow in the dark lanterns, and I want to make these Halloween Pumpkins. Thanks for the instructions.

  6. What a cute idea! I just put a note in my first graders lunch this morning that says, “30 days until Halloween!” She would love to make this to help her keep track. Halloween isn’t far behind Christmas in popularity in my house!

  7. What a great idea! I have got to share this idea with my friend who is a Kindergarten teacher. she is always looking for new crafts for her class. This would be perfect!

  8. This is so cute! I need to share it on my facebook page to save it!! Thank you! I think my son is a little young this year maybe I should pin it for next year

  9. How adorable is this? My nieces and nephews can’t wait for Halloween and love doing crafts. What a great way to combine two of their favorite things. Thanks for the template!


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