No-Carve Duck Tape Mustache Pumpkin Tutorial

As much as I love the annual pumpkin carving (and I really do love it), I am also a fan of  no-carve pumpkin decor. Creating no-carve pumpkins give me the ability to be creative and enjoy my results all month. For that reason, I have an ever-growing collection of faux pumpkins that I have decorated. Each year I make something new, and this year I decided to create my pumpkin with Duck Tape.

This post brought to you by Duck Brand.

My daughter thinks mustaches are hilarious. She points out everything she sees with a mustache on it and giggles. So taking inspiration from her, and always wanting to make her giggle, I decided to make a mustache pumpkin. It was surprisingly simple, and I just adore the results.

Duck Tape Mustache Pumpkin How To

How to make a Duck Tape® Mustache Pumpkin


  • A pumpkin (I used a faux pumpkin, but a real one would work just fine)
  • White Duck Tape®
  • Black Duck Tape®
  • Mustache Template

Download the mustache template here.

No Carve Duck Tape Pumpkin

Start by covering your pumpkin by placing overlapping strips of Duck Tape® vertically. Since the pumpkin is curved, I cut each strip of duck tape in half before placing it for a more smooth look. It added to my time, but it turned out much nicer than the initial few strips I placed and pulled back up.

Duck Tape Pumpkin

Once my pumpkin was covered, I covered the stem in black Duck Tape®. Then I took a strip of Duck Tape® and cut a  in it to place around the stem. Tip — opposite the notches I cut slices in the Duck Tape®, this allowed me to curve the strip around the stem by over lapping the sliced pieces.

Duck Tape No Carve Pumpkin

No Carve Halloween Pumpkin

Next it was time to create my mustache. Lay two slightly overlapping black strips sticky side up on your work surface. Next cover the strips with four pieces of black Duck Tape® leaving the sticky side in the middle exposed.

Using clear tape, tape the template to the solid side of the Duck Tape® strip and cut out your mustache. When you are finished the middle of your mustache will be exposed sticky while the rest of your ‘stache is lined. (See image below.)

How To Make Duck Tape Mustache

Stick the mustache directly on your pumpkin and admire.

Duck Tape Mustache Pumpkin

Duck Tape® Stick or Treat Contest™

Do you have an idea for a no-carve Duck Tape® pumpkin design? If so be sure to enter the Stick or Treat Contest™. From now through October 31, 2013, enter an image of your Halloween pumpkin (real or fake) decorated with Duck Tape® in the 2013 Stick or Treat contest. The top three pumpkin decorators will be awarded:

  • First Place: $1,000 and a Cricut Mini® Personal Electronic Cutter
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $300

Do you have a great idea for the Stick or Treat Contest™? I’d love to see what you create. If you enter, be sure to leave a link to your submission in the comments below.

Happy Hallo-crafting!

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  1. Perhaps it’s my lack of skill speaking, but I’m delighted “decorating” pumpkins, as opposed to carving them, has become a thing! Last year we made “Mymmykins” and all I used was white crepe paper streamer and googly eyes.


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